Rachel Hutchings

Publicist & Digital Marketing Strategist

“Working with Books Forward on my current novel has been wonderful. Rachel has been a great partner for publicity and marketing. You folks are terrific and there’s no other publicist I’d rather partner with.” – Robert Steven Goldstein, author of Cat’s Whisker, Will’s Surreal Period and more

Rachel helps Books Forward authors cultivate and establish their author brands and digital voices. She spearheads inventive ad campaigns for books across social platforms, and she’s a whiz at optimizing Amazon and Goodreads pages to enhance discoverability and SEO. On the publicity side, she manages pitching and coordinating media interest from blogs, radio and social influencers for authors and their books.

She previously worked with our friends at American Blackguard and studied publishing at Belmont University, where she also contributed to the Belmont Story Review. As a child traveling around the U.S. with her military family, Rachel enjoyed the constant comfort of books (including reading the entire Nancy Drew series!) and writing her own stories.

Now she impresses authors with her creativity, motivation and keen intuition. She is committed to thinking beyond packaged branding, and works hand-in-hand with Books Forward clients to ensure authenticity in their online presence.

Fun fact: In her spare time, Rachel is a drummer and a pianist (fitting right in with the Nashville crowd!).