Rhodes Murphy

Publicity Strategist

“From the beginning I’ve been terrifically impressed by him, by his quick mind, his diligence, and his insights. He’s obviously a smart guy, plus he’s a pleasure to work with.” – Kos Kostmayer, author of Fargo Burns

“I’m really impressed by these initial insights into what I’m trying to achieve as an author, and the overall promotional strategy is the kind of thing I’ve dreamed of for years and never found until now. I’m thrilled to be embarking on this project.” – Seth Mullins, author of The Edge of the Known

Rhodes Murphy is Books Forward’s resident academic. With two degrees in English (a master’s and bachelor’s), Rhodes approaches subjects through the eyes of a cultural critic and archivist, with particular interest in ideas of selfhood expressed in literature. He has written for both national and local publications, with a focus on covering the LGBTQ+ community.

His journalistic tendencies give him unique insight into designing promotional tactics for prospective Books Forward clients. Like his Books Forward colleagues, Rhodes is driven by a passion to help marginalized voices be heard.

Fun fact: Julia Child is his second cousin.