Working from home new to you? 7 career writers show how to do it best.

Professional writers and published authors are experts at the work-from-home game; they have spent weeks, months and even years at their home computers in pursuit of their chosen profession. Their dedication results in finished manuscripts and published books, so they’re a great resource for those new to working remotely. Maybe your boss has closed the […]

The library is your friend, even if you can’t get to it

So you’re stuck at home, either because you aren’t feeling well or because you’re doing social distancing until the coronavirus hopefully goes away for good. For me, the library is my safe space – I go there when I’m stressed out or just need to escape. And it can still be that for you, even […]

San Francisco columnist tells tales of the city through the eyes of its youngest residents in ‘Urban Playground’

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE “Urban Playground is an entertaining introduction to San Francisco thanks to the charm, sense of wonder, and joy of its participants.” Foreword-Clarion Reviews SAN FRANCISCO –– To outsiders, the Bay Area is intrinsically linked to tech hubs and counterculture. But what about San Francisco’s kid culture? In her new book, “Urban Playground: […]

Garden expert introduces holistic approach to landscaping

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monique Allen crafts a guide to creating an environment that elevates your life MEDFIELD, Massachusetts – We all want to be our best selves and that means having the ability to rest and recharge in holistic ways. Nature has great power to inspire imagination and settle the nervous system, and many of […]

Bestselling author pens page-turning novel of suspense about the sinister truth hiding behind a perfect family

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CHICAGO — Adopted by her controlling foster mother at the age of eight, twenty-year-old Tara has seen little of the outside world. Lonely, punished for the slightest offense, her only distraction comes from watching the Feely family’s online videos. They’re an affectionate vlogging quintet and an internet sensation. Most important, they are […]

Award-winning author, research psychologist releases inspiring new children’s book on embracing self-sufficiency

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE OTTAWA, Ontario – Drawing from her own experience as a mother and a research psychologist, award-winning author Dr. Rachel Kowert presents tales of empowerment and self-reliance in her new children’s book, “Pragmatic Princess: 26 Superb Stories of Self-Sufficiency.” Inspired by her own frustration as a mother of two seeking reading content featuring […]

Accused of Treason: The US Army’s Witch Hunt for a Jewish Spy by Dr. David A. Tenenbaum

Dr. David A. Tenenbaum is a civilian mechanical engineer who works for the Army at the TACOM base in Warren, Michigan. In 1997, he was falsely accused of being an Israeli spy–and having dual loyalty to the State of Israel simply because he is Jewish–by a known anti-Semite and several other anti-Semitic coworkers who referred […]

Private investigators fight to protect client from a stalker who knows her every move in ‘I Know Where You Sleep’

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Young woman hides secrets of her own in award-winning author’s latest thriller Herndon, VA — Alan Orloff is the author of numerous award-winning thrillers, and his latest work steps into the world of private investigation with his signature vivid characters and heart-pounding scenes. I Know Where You Sleep will have you looking […]

Doctor’s comprehensive guide promotes aging well through diet, exercise, mindfulness, and more

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE “A must-read for anyone who wants to stay fit and age with grace” — Readers’ Favorite (5-star review) VAIL, Colorado – What if getting older didn’t have to mean experiencing joint pain, insomnia, or frequently feeling tired and worn out? For Dr. Matthew Ehrlich, it doesn’t. His guidebook offers a compilation of […]

The Five Core Conversations for Couples spotlights marital communication behind closed doors

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE A seasoned family therapist and one of D.C.’s premiere divorce lawyers provide helpful advice to navigate marriage’s tricky and emotional situations Olney, MD – Many of us have heard about the five love languages, but is there a realistic alternative for the messy and serious conversations that arise in every relationship? Enter […]