Get your book taught in classrooms and help teachers diversify their readings lists with our classroom discussion guides, and interactive 3- and 5-week school curriculums.

Diversity of literature in the classroom is important. Teaching new releases targeted to children, tweens and teens in schools can help students to a). identify with modern characters and current issues that are more closely aligned with their identities and experiences, and b). discover that reading is enjoyable, empowering them to better understand the material and improving lifelong literacy.

We’ll make it easy for authors and teachers to immediately and effectively introduce new books into the classroom. Our lesson plans are created by a Project LIT Team Lead and Master Teacher, a distinct title reserved for about 100 teachers out of over 80,000. Each curriculum guide is aligned to standards, is click-and-go ready for digital learning, and can include day-by-day lesson plans, an interactive digital workbook, handouts and activities, and a culmination project.

We can customize a unique plan for your book, consisting of any of the following:

  • Classroom discussion guide
  • 3-week school curriculum
  • 5-week school curriculum
  • Additional support in outreach to schools/teachers

See a sample multi-week interactive curriculum for J. Elle’s New York Times bestselling YA novel,
Wings of Ebony:

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