Jackie Karneth


“How lucky you are to have Jackie represent you. We are thankful to work with this intelligent and super motivated soul. She’s a dynamo and I am incredibly grateful to her.” – Jet Widick, poet and author

“Jackie I do feel in good hands with you – and always have. I think you are the shining light in the whole campaign.” – Janet Roger, author of Shamus Dust

Jackie’s enthusiasm for the written word is both visceral and contagious — and her recommendations will inspire you to read stories you may have never thought to read. A New Hampshire-native from a family of engineers, she fell in love with storytelling’s ability to “unite very different types of people, with different lived experiences.” She embodies this idea––her favorite author is Vladimir Nabokov, the Russian-born author of Pale Fire. “Sometimes the most meaningful people to you––their stories can be the opposite of yours.”

She has dual degrees in Publishing and English Literature from Nashville’s Belmont University (where she was also the Poetry Editor of the Belmont Literary Review). And she loves to help our authors share their stories and reach new and unexpected audiences.