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You spent years honing your craft and writing your book, and now it’s time to put your “baby” out into the world. That can be lonely, scary and frustrating. When you join the Books Forward family, you aren’t alone anymore! We become your advocate and partner, and help you navigate this wild world of book publishing and promotion.

We really get to know you and embrace your goals as our own. With decades of experience, we help you make informed choices and develop realistic expectations for what is possible for your book and overall author brand. Whether an author is a New York Times bestseller, celebrity, or writing a first novel when we meet, we join you on your journey to the next level.

“They were always helpful and somehow you got the feeling that you were the only author they were working with.”

—Charles Salzberg
Author of the two-time Shamus Award nominated Henry Swann detective novel series, and winner of the Beverly Hills Book Award

We work with clients who share our commitment to integrity.

We won’t sugarcoat it – this is a tough and highly competitive industry. Getting your book into the right hands begins with choosing the right path. Our authors are ready for the marathon and know it’s not a sprint. And we are here to help every step of the way.

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With such fierce competition, doesn’t your book deserve to launch with experts who set the bar in the industry?

Just like the rest of the book industry, book publicity and marketing is dynamic and capricious. We are your expert partner to help give your book its very best chance to make it in this world. We use eye-popping technology combined with good old-fashioned elbow grease. With a team comprised of several former journalists, we know what editors are looking for and employ the same newsroom work ethic on our campaigns. A reporter can’t come back at the end of the day without a story – and we won’t end our day until we share yours.

I love working with Books Forward. Everyone is passionate about their authors’ books, friendly, savvy and intelligent. They have good connections, work hard for their clients, and take time to add a personal touch to their work, something that is rare. Working with them makes book promotion so much easier and far more effective. I’ve been impressed with everything they’ve done for me.

Cheryl RainfieldAuthor of Scars, a #1 American Library Association Top 10 Quick Pick