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Audiobooks are a billion-dollar industry, and the market is booming every year. We’ll position your book directly in front of avid audiobook consumers and readers who are eager to discover and experience amazing stories in innovative ways.

Books Forward will expose you and your audiobook to a new audience of readers by:

  • Personalized pitching to media and influencers who cover audiobooks in your genre
  • Promoting your book via dedicated audiobook newsletters that have thousands of subscribers
  • Optimizing your Amazon and Goodreads pages for better search engine discovery
  • Distributing your audiobook on NetGalley to reviewers and influencers
  • Submitting your audiobook for awards so it can get the recognition it deserves
  • Creating a targeted advertising campaign for your audiobook
  • Designing creative swag like QR code postcards for events, downloadable exclusives and more!
Your talent, knowledge and dedicated efforts to promote my audiobook has been a blessing. I appreciate your astute efforts.
Alfred Nicols
author of Lost Love’s Return

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Our sister company, Books Fluent, will transform your words into a professionally produced and distributed audiobook of the highest quality.

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