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There’s nothing we love more than sharing our favorite books with our friends. We are a community of readers, creatives and changemakers who have teamed up to spread the word about books that impact our lives – and the world – for the better. By becoming a Books Forward Friend (aka our BFF), you’ll have access to the best and newest releases, the coolest literary events, trending influencer tips and exclusive giveaways. We do ask that our BFFs have been actively reviewing books on a public platform for at least two months before signing up.

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We’re all friends here.

As our BFF you’ll receive buzzworthy books before they’re released, and the support of an ever-expanding network of fellow book lovers and changemakers. We’ll connect you with the authors you love, and introduce you to new authors you haven’t discovered yet. We’ll also send you special giveaways, cool swag, and tips on the hottest news and events. We believe books can change the world, and we believe our friends can, too, regardless of follower count. By joining our community, you’ll become part of a movement to make the world a better place, one book at a time.

BFFs is an inclusive program that celebrates and uplifts authors and influencers from all backgrounds. Members agree and understand that any hate, racism, violence or bigotry will not be tolerated. Our BFFs are changemakers that have a real, positive influence on our world.

Want to buddy up?

By partnering with us, we ask that you pinky promise to post an honest review or other coverage on schedule.

We’re all about sharing the latest and greatest books with our friends, and helping you grow your social following and engagement. To do that, we ask that our BFFs share their thoughts and *all the feels* they have about our books with their followers.

Sign up below for more info and to hear about our books! We welcome friends from all over the world, and we are proud to represent authors in many different countries.

Books Forward respects your privacy and will never share your data with other parties. The information you give us will ONLY be used internally and will be kept confidential.

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  • *Some books will be available as physical copies, some only as ebooks. And at this time we are only able to offer ebooks to our international friends.
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