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Who set Sam up for the murder of her mother’s fiancé?

Award-winning author returns with dark, coming-of-age YA thriller LOUISVILLE, KY – Discover who set up Sam in the death of her mother’s fiancé in the new novel by award-winning author, Lynn Slaughter. Deadly Setup (Fire and Ice/Melange, Jul 5, 2022) introduces Sam, a young teen whose life changes when her mother’s fiancé is found shot […]

New York Times bestselling author revisits inspiring beginnings of Olympic women’s basketball

On 50th Anniversary of Title IX, Andrew Maraniss tells the true story of the first U.S. women’s Olympic basketball team NASHVILLE, Tennessee – From the New York Times bestselling author of “Strong Inside” comes the inspirational true story of the birth of women’s Olympic basketball at the 1976 Summer Games and the ragtag team that […]

An interview with Emilie Sommer of East City Bookshop

What’s your favorite area of your bookstore? It’s hard to pick, but my first true love is always fiction. In all sections of our store, but especially in fiction, we try to make sure that we have the books that people walk in looking for, but also lesser known titles that they didn’t know they […]

Book recommendations from nurses of bookstagram

Nurses are an essential part of our healthcare system and should be celebrated all the time, but especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nurses and other healthcare professionals stepped up to the plate during truly unprecedented times and have provided our communities with life saving medical practice. To celebrate nurses we asked some […]

Books to read to get in the mood for the new Downton Abbey movie

The new Downton movie, Downton Abbey: A New Era, is releasing on May 18, and if your stomach also flips when you hear the theme music begin to play, these books are perfect to add to your TBR! Ranging from early 1800s to late 1900s, these historical books will capture your attention as a fellow […]

Psychologist’s four-letter-word-filled breakup survival guide a valuable resource for those looking to get past the bullsh*t

Fenton, MI – Like death and taxes, some things are inevitable — including breakups. Psychologist Dr. Jodie Eckleberry-Hunt is helping readers get over heartbreak and move on with their lives in her new book, “Getting to Good Riddance: A No-Bullsh*t Breakup Survival Guide,” (Turner Publishing, July 26, 2022). Eckleberry-Hunt, author of “Move on Motherf*cker: Live, […]

The fight for America heats up in hopeful sci fi adventure

Base 1407 returns to help win back America’s freedom in uplifting continuation of the Aces HIgh, Jokers Wild series Colorado – The stakes are higher than before as America starts to see the evils of the seven Corporations in O.E. Tearmann’s energetic sixth Aces High, Jokers Wild book, Deuces Are Wild (Amphibian Press, Jul 16, […]

So you got a book review — now what?

Ah, the coveted book review. Every author wants them, and everyone in the industry talks about how important they are. But have you ever stopped to think about why that might be and how exactly you can use a review to benefit your book and author brand? First thing’s first, let’s talk about ways you can […]

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