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How authors can support indie bookstores on Small Business Saturday

If you asked a group of people where they purchased their last book, chances are the majority of them would say Amazon. You might get a few people saying Barnes and Noble. But you will probably only get one or two who mention an independent bookstore. So what are some ways we can support indie […]

Second Chance Romances to Read While Listening to RED (Taylor’s Version)

Taylor Swift’s RED was the first album I ever listened to in full by the artist. Mostly, it’s because I’m an older millennial and the years prior to my discovery of Taylor Swift were spent listening to angsty metal and punk rock. But something happened when I listened to RED. Perhaps it was the nasty […]

Books to go with some of Adele’s greatest hits before 30 drops

Adele’s 30 releases November 19th. While we all wait to learn the lyrics to every song, we’re staying busy by reading some of these books that we’ve matched with her previous hits. Easy on Me Evvie Drake Starts Over by Linda Holmes: Evvie Drake is having a rough time — her husband passes on the […]

Thrilling books to read before the reboot of Dexter premieres

Were you shocked when they announced a new season of Dexter would be coming out? I was! If you’re like me, you’ll still be cozying up on the couch to enjoy another twisted season, despite all the atrocities that went down throughout the course of the show (season four finale, season eight finale, and many […]

Books Forward BFFs November Influencer Newsletter

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Historical fiction novelist retells the history of Columbus’s second voyage, depicting the indigenous peoples’ resistance to conquest

NEW YORK, New York – Author Andrew Rowen retells the history of Columbus’s invasion of Española on his second voyage from a bicultural perspective in the historical fiction novel “Columbus and Caonabó: 1493–1498 Retold,” releasing on Nov. 9, 2021—the sequel to his lauded 2017 bicultural presentation of Columbus’s first voyage, “Encounters Unforeseen: 1492 Retold.” “Columbus […]

Self-help book from a cancer survivor promotes advocacy and action with personal stories and essential advice

Survivor shares twelve lessons to empower cancer patients and caregivers PITTSBURGH, Pa. – Kelley Skoloda was the healthiest person she knew—until the day she became a cancer patient. During her first, routine colonoscopy, Kelley received a shocking diagnosis: colon cancer. Three years later, her new book reveals how stories can be powerful motivators and how […]