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Witty debut rom-com rewrites “Happily Ever After”

San Diego, California – For anyone who has ever felt “dead-ended” in life, work, and love, Courtney Deane has penned a delightfully funny debut rom-com that proves all tragedies can be rewritten, and happiness can bloom where you least expect it: “When Happily Ever After Fails” (SparkPress, April 9, 2023).  About the novel: Abigail Gardner’s […]

Suspenseful new novel explores the dangers of AI, its place in our future and the risks of people-pleasing

STOCKBRIDGE, Mass. – In her upcoming novel, “The Deepfake” (She Writes Press, April 2, 2024), lauded author Joan Cohen “succeeds in building tantalizing tension that keeps the pages turning,” according to BookLife. The book has also received high praise from Kirkus with a coveted starred review saying that “readers will easily relate to and root […]

What is AI and how will it affect authors?

This blog post was not written by artificial intelligence, though we highly considered it. Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a pretty broad term that describes using computers and machines to mimic the human mind. Whether it’s Siri or Alexa, face recognition software or even predictive text, the use of AI is becoming more and more […]

30 African American business executives share their journeys to the top in compelling new book

GREENSBORO, North Carolina – Releasing just ahead of Black History Month, Dr. Chuck Wallington’s new book, “A Seat at the C-Suite Table: Insights from the Leadership Journeys of African American Executives” (Business Expert Press, Jan. 19, 2024), shares the often-overlooked experiences of black men in business.  “A Seat at the C-Suite Table” is an insightful […]

Books by Trans, Non-Binary, and Gender Queer Authors to Commemorate Transgender Day of Remembrance

Transgender Day of Remembrance is observed on November 20th every year to honor, memorialize, and pay homage to those who have been murdered as a result of transphobia.  To honor trans, non-binary, and genderqueer folks on November 20th, I’ve curated a list of books written by those voices. In addition to reading these books please […]

Being the target of a mafia hit, narrowly escaping an abusive cult, and battling breast cancer has caused Kendra Petty to wonder, “How much can one person take?” More, life replied. Much more.

“[Petty’s real-life account] of attempted murder is so dizzyingly intricate that it feels straight out of a Hollywood movie.” –Kirkus Here is a story of survival unlike any you’ve ever heard: Kendra Petty began life by enduring years of childhood abuse, culminating in a stunning breakout from a cult led by her own parents that […]