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Ask An Expert: Interview with Book Cover Designer Eric Labacz

Ask An Expert: Interview with Book Cover Designer Eric Labacz on Great Book Cover Design Trends in 2021 and Beyond What design elements contribute to a great book cover design? And what book cover design trends are popular in 2021 and beyond? Today on our Ask an Expert series, we’re sitting down with book cover […]

Atmospheric YA story deftly dips into the past to navigate fraught nature of modern teenage friendships

New Haven, CT – Critically acclaimed author Chandra Prasad (Damselfly) returns with Mercury Boys (Aug. 3, 2021, SoHo Teen), an evocative YA story with a historical twist that’s filled with first loves, the struggle to adapt, and the imperious world of young female friendships. 16-year-old Saskia Brown finds herself struggling to fit into her new […]

Books that celebrate the bonds of sisters for National Sisters Day

Growing up, I always wanted a sister (apologies to my brother), because I imagined that basically meant you had a best friend who lived in the same house as you. Now that I’ve grown up a little, I understand that sisterly bonds take work, and are more complicated than I thought as a child, which […]

Here’s Why Guest Articles are Important for Authors

How to Use Guest Articles to Build Your Author Brand Developing your author brand can feel like a long and confusing process. It’s difficult to know where to begin or what to focus on. After all, there are so many options—countless avenues to explore! It may help to start with something you, as an author, […]

Radicalism, white supremacy take center stage in Pulitzer nominee’s new novel, ‘Murmuration’

Sid Balman, Jr.’s newest book releases on Aug. 3, 2021 Pulitzer-nominated war and national security correspondent and Writer in Residence at Sul Ross State University Sid Balman, Jr. is releasing a harrowing follow-up to award-winning novel, “Seventh Flag.” The second book in the series, “Murmuration,” will be published on Aug. 3, 2021, with SparkPress. Charlie […]

Tagalong Wife Story is Feminist Statement on Marriage, Infidelity, Sexual Assault/PTSD and the Expat Lifestyle

Em’s Awful Good Fortune aims to challenge societal expectations LOS ANGELES, CA – Marcie Maxfield debuts as a novelist with her raw exploration of the expatriate journey, 
not just through various countries, but through the personal road to self discovery. What was originally meant as a memoir turned into the autofiction feminist statement Em’s Awful […]

Ivy League admissions expert sheds new light on what it really takes to get into college

NEW YORK, New York – From Ivy League admissions expert Dr. Aviva Legatt comes an insider’s college admissions guide that teaches students to identify and harness their authentic passions, stand out from the crowd, and achieve their dreams in college and beyond, “Get Real and Get In” (St. Martin’s Griffin, August 3, 2021). “Get Real […]

New book helps leaders who are seeking to supervise and lead others with, through, and for justice

SANTA ROSA, California – With special focus on social justice organizations and nonprofits, author Rita Sever encourages a unified approach to human resources in her new book, Leading for Justice. Sever, a business consultant committed to advancing social justice causes, curates her advice in this book, helping leaders identify and address challenges in the workplace […]

Dystopian YA series advances spine-tingling story of forbidden love, resilience in the face of insurmountable odds

NYT bestseller Emily Colin to add sequel, short story collection to fantasy set Wilmington, N.C. – What do you do when the victory you’ve been fighting for is doomed to break your heart? In “Siege of the Seven Sins,” (Aug. 3, Blue Crow Publishing), New York Times bestseller Emily Colin’s follow-up to her Foreword Indies-finalist […]