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Our one-of-a-kind publicity campaigns are innovative and yield results. Representing all genres, we work to tell the best story about your story.

Releasing a book is the beginning. Ensuring it doesn't go unnoticed is our specialty.

Books Forward offers a range of publicity and book marketing services for both traditionally published authors, in enhancing your in-house team's promotional efforts, and indie authors, in finding your audience.

If you're new to the industry, we help you identify core readers and establish connections. If you're a seasoned veteran, we assist in refining your book promotion strategy to reach new readers and expand your audience.

Our team proudly serves as the go-to publicity firm for outstanding publishing houses and boutique presses. We are also a valuable partner for publishers seeking effective promotional support to publicize their lists, spotlight frontlist titles and build their publishing brand.

In the crowded literary landscape, Books Forward is your ally in making sure your book not only gets releases but also captures the attention it deserves.

Media Placement

It’s not just about how many people discover your book – it’s about reaching the right audience. Working nationally and at a grassroots level, we know the producers, editors, journalists and book influencers relevant to your genre and topic. Our expertise, refined through years of experience and relationship-building, guides us to the most effective avenues for garnering media attention for your book.

Industry Exposure

Booksellers and librarians can be a book’s greatest allies. These influential industry insiders can champion your book for years to come, and we’ll assist you in reaching them through trade reviews, special features and events.

Digital Marketing

The allure of digital marketing lies in the ability to directly engage consumers on their preferred platforms, track audience demographics and trends, and hone messaging for optimal effectiveness in driving traffic to your author page or retailer sites. Our dedicated digital strategists work hand-in-hand with our publicists on campaigns that maximize impact for our authors.

Social Media

Whether you’re just getting started, need some extra assistance so you can focus on other things or are simply curious about how social media influencers can enhance things, our team can help! We craft branded content specifically tailored for your online audience and organize Bookstagram and BookTok campaigns. With offerings from social media account setup to strategy development to full-service posting and follower engagement, we’re here to establish and amplify your virtual voice.

Audiobook Promotion

Audiobooks are the fastest-growing sector in the book industry. Who are these listeners? They are multitaskers, commuters, exercisers, gardeners, busy caretakers and more. Providing an audio format to capture this vast audience broadens your readership and opens up additional opportunities for promotion. We’ll connect you to these literary listeners through audiobook review platforms, optimizing your audiobook distributions, designing creative audio assets and encouraging downloads and sales.

We also offer:

  • Author Website Development
  • BookBub Management
  • Book Award Campaigns
  • Goodreads & Amazon Optimization
  • Facebook & Amazon Advertising
  • Book Tours & Author Events
  • Press Kit Creation
  • NetGalley Promotions
  • Social Media & Website Audits
  • Promotional Design & Custom PR Boxes
  • Email List Building
  • Amazon Reviewer Outreach

Definitely not a one-size-fits-all publicity company, they tailored my campaign to suit my particular needs and circumstances.

Deb BrandonAuthor of But My Brain Had Other Ideas, essayist and brain injury survivor

Don't see the service you're looking for?

Reach out, and we'll see how we can best help with your needs! We've coordinated many unique promotions over the years, including:

  • Book and special swag reveals on social media
  • “Authorless” events with libraries and bookstores
  • Special promotions to bookstores, libraries and book clubs
  • Appearances/presentations at private bookseller events, national book industry conferences and festivals
  • Pre-order promotions that involve readers, booksellers, bloggers and others
  • Personalized book club kits
  • Other custom designs (bookmarks, stickers, etc.)

Need assistance publishing your book? Our sister company, Books Fluent, can help with editing, design and all of your indie book publishing needs.

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