Jackie Karneth

Senior Publicist

“How lucky you are to have Jackie represent you. We are thankful to work with this intelligent and super motivated soul. She’s a dynamo and I am incredibly grateful to her.” – Jet Widick, poet and author

Jackie Karneth at Books Forward was such a support, so enthusiastic and responsive. She was always available for me, to prepare me for upcoming events, answer my questions, and talk me down when I got attacks of first-timer nerves. I highly recommend Books Forward.” – Robin Clifford Wood, author of The Field House

“I felt such a weight lift from my shoulders. To have a partner who understands marketing so much better than I do is such a relief. Jackie’s research of potential media targets was spot on. I received a number of great reviews, was invited on several radio/podcast interviews, and was invited to submit guest articles to various online magazines.” – Liz Kitchens, author of Be Brave. Lose the Beige: Finding Your Sass After Sixty

“Encouraging and supportive. It felt like a true collaboration.” – Laura Shovan, author of Welcome to Monsterville and Pushcart Prize-nominated poet

“Jackie has been a trooper fielding all my anxiety and numerous questions and emails as I juggled two books in six months! In addition to all of your hands-on work, it has been an amazing education for a debut author. So, so grateful for your wisdom and insights.” – Kimberly Behre Kenna, author of The Brave Girls Collection

As a senior publicist, Jackie is a creative strategist and an enthusiastic cheerleader for our authors. She is known for her thoughtfulness, responsiveness and great attention to detail.

Jackie helps our authors understand the unfamiliar aspects of publishing and promotion, guiding them each step of the way while working together to reach their goals.

She has dual degrees in Publishing and English Literature from Nashville’s Belmont University (where she was also the Poetry Editor of the Belmont Literary Review). Her enthusiasm for the written word is both visceral and contagious — and her passion will inspire you to discover stories you may have never thought to read. She loves to help our authors share their stories and reach new and unexpected audiences.

Jackie shares her publishing knowledge in highly trafficked blog posts that cover frequently asked questions and current trends in the book world.

A New Hampshire native from a family of engineers, she fell in love with storytelling’s ability to unite different people with different lived experiences. She spends her free time running to and from ballet classes, watching the latest fashion week videos and trying desperately to keep up with her TBR.