Leveraging Current News to an Author’s Advantage

Immigration issues made headlines on every news station in the months surrounding the release of Chaithanya Sohan’s America Deconstructed, a collection of personal stories from immigrants to the U.S. While much of the national news coverage devolved into debate, Sohan’s book brought a human perspective to the conversation. Her fresh approach to a timely, trending news topic gave her publicity campaign three major advantages.

Because Sohan is an immigrant herself, Books Forward underscored her expertise on the immigrant experience, ensuring her personal story and dedicated research would truly shine. Her guest articles on her experiences were particularly well-received by Women Writers, Women’s Books and Girl Talk HQ

We also promoted Sohan’s book as a featured pick within #ownvoices, a trending online social movement that highlights diverse voices in literature. We targeted outreach to Bookstagrammers who were part of this ongoing push for diverse, inclusive lit. These influencers responded with overwhelming excitement and support for America Deconstructed, helping to generate lots of buzz around the launch. 

By strategically using the author’s expertise on a subject in the national news cycle, we were able to ensure her work received the visibility it deserved and made a lasting impact.

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