Hosting an Unusual Launch for Expanded Opportunities

When setting up a launch event, the most obvious choices are local indie bookstores – and they should be prioritized and celebrated. But also thinking out-of-the-box (or out-of-the-bookstore) can lead to great opportunities!

Cole Williams’ Dr. Brainchild and Radar: A Popcorn Discovery is about a young scientist uncovering the power of the microwave. Such a unique book deserved a unique launch event. We researched and pitched children’s museums in Cole’s area, knowing that these venues already have large built-in audiences of children and parents who are interested in science. 

The Bakken Museum was thrilled to host Williams, and the launch event (personally tailored to reach Cole’s target audience of STEM-interested kids) was a huge success. After the launch, the museum decided to stock the book in the gift shop, and also invited her to participate in the “Women in Science” event that spring! 

With a little creative planning, you may find that offsite venues can help you reach your target audience better than ever!

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