Jeizebel Espiritu

Website Developer

“I want to thank you for designing such a beautiful website for me and keeping it up when additions were needed. I am very grateful to Books Forward and to Jeizebel personally for the excellent service.”Dr. Katharine Brooks

“Jeizebel was amazing to work with. She built a beautiful, professional website and made the process simple and easy. She responds quickly to every question or update, and is highly ethical in her work with sensitive passwords and security areas.”Carolyn Karcher

Born and raised in the town of Puerto Galera in the Philippines, where she still lives today, Jeizebel is Books Forward’s fun-spirited web expert. She designs and builds author websites that fit each individual’s particular brand. She manages all of the nitty gritty technical details, so that authors don’t have to add yet another task to their long to-do list. Jeizebel is also a master of Search Engine Optimization, a critical aspect of being digitally accessible and approachable.

Jeizebel’s digital savvy is completely self taught: after only two months of self-study, she learned two web languages and became fluent in all things WordPress. In the ensuing years, she has since helped dozens of authors build their online presence.

Even with her passion for computer-centric work, Jeizebel also loves to get outside and connect with the world around her. She expresses her artistic side by playing kalimba and taking photographs, and scuba diving is one of her favorite pastimes, as Puerto Galera is known for its beaches and rich marine life.