Books to catch up on before the sequels are released in 2022

You know when you want to read a book and you add it to Goodreads….and then you don’t get to it. Or is that just me? It can’t be, right? Today’s blog post features books you might have wanted to read and forgotten about, but you should definitely prioritize now because the sequel is coming in 2022!

There are so many amazing sequels coming and one of them has to be The Oleander Sword, which is the sequel to The Jasmine Throne. Tasha Suri has been an auto-buy author for me since Empire of Sand. If you missed one of the three in the Sapphic Trifecta that was going around in 2021, then consider this your sign to pick up this magical and political story inspired by the history and epics of India. Plus these covers are seriously stunning, and I love looking at them on my shelf!

The next is An Unreliable Source of Magic by Rin Chupeco and features the new character art of Tala. The series starter, Wicked As You Wish, got a new illustrated cover to match and it is stunning. Book two in this YA fantasy series is about found family and features a whole host of magical, mythical, and folktale stories. As someone who has read practically all of Chupecho’s work, I can tell you that this has the backbones of family and action, but there are also moments of hilarity.

Are you a fan of tea? If so, A Psalm for the Wild-Built is a charming novella by the talented Becky Chambers. It’s about a tea monk who meets a robot and together they begin to explore philosophical questions about what the purpose of life is and where we see ourselves. This was certainly less action driven than what I’m used to for Becky Chambers books, but it was a quiet and thoughtful novella that you should read before the radiant sequel, A Prayer for the Crown-Shy, is released.

Do you ever wonder what your AI thinks of you? What your Alexa and Google Home would say if they could? The Infinity Courts is Akemi Dawn Bowman’s latest series and features a character navigating an afterlife ruled by an AI. It’s a story about rebellion, uncovering answers, and inheriting a war. The sequel, The Genesis Wars, is coming out this year and now is the perfect time to catch up!

If you love epic science fiction journeys where leadership and ethics are questioned, then you have to read Charlie Jane Anders’ Victories Greater Than Death. I was entirely swept away by the action and the mystery swirling in the stars, but what really makes up the core of this series is the main character, Tina, and the themes of found family. The sequel, Dreams Bigger Than Heartbreak, is coming this year and I cannot wait for the action!

And finally, the last one is a sort of sneaky cheat, but it’s A Venom Dark and Sweet by Judy I Lin. The first book, A Magic Steeped in Poison, isn’t out until March 29, but it’s my recent obsession and I couldn’t not talk about it – I’m sorry! I just need everyone to read this story about the preparation of tea, a magical competition, and plenty of politics and betrayal. Seriously, I need the sequel ASAP and it’s coming out just a few months after the first – what a treat!