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Why it’s important to take a great author headshot

When releasing a book, there are a lot of moving pieces. Of course writing the book and marketing the book takes precedence, but a lot of smaller steps can be overlooked and may have a huge impact! First impressions are everything. Especially in a digital world – our eyes naturally gravitate towards book covers, websites, […]

What are bookplates, and do readers and authors use them?

What are bookplates and how can I use them?   Have you ever loaned someone a well-loved copy of your favorite book, only to never lay eyes on that book ever again? Have you decided that generosity is futile because no one understands the deep personal attachment you have with your books? Yeah, me too. […]

Renowned business leader shares an inspirational story of how to find success in business and in life

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – For Tom Stanley, a slightly overweight lost soul, life has lost its luster. Rather than face the daily grind of life working at his Chevrolet dealership, he’d rather sleep his days away. Just when Tom’s malaise seems like it can’t get any worse, a chance meeting with […]

Friendship blossoms in feel-good series debut demonstrating how trust and teamwork empower our differences

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Murfreesboro, TN — Christine Isley-Farmer weaves together a charming tale featuring a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel as the story’s narrator. “Finding My Yip” (March 2, 2021, Wandering in the Words Press) is the first book in her “Boomer’s Tales” series. When Boomer is a puppy he is unable to yip like his […]

What are reader newsletters and how can they help me?

Authors are always trying to find new ways to reach readers and get their book to as many people as possible. There are a lot of ways to achieve this, but one of the more successful strategies is by submitting for reader newsletters. So, what are reader newsletters? Reader newsletters are essentially tools for book […]

Books in translation that we’ve loved or can’t wait to read

March is national foreign language month, and to mark the occasion, our team put together a list of books in translation that we’ve loved or are looking forward to. These are books that were originally published in a language other than English. “Love in the Time of Cholera” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez I’ve owned a […]