5 vampire books to read ahead of Morbius release

What’s scarier than a blood-sucking creature that hunts in the dark? With Morbius coming to theaters soon, here’s a list for a little paranormal reading with your favorite vampiric main characters:

Interview with the Vampire, by Anne Rice: Before vampires sparkled in the sun, they wandered the dark streets of New Orleans filled with angst and other morally grey decisions. Anne Rice is famous for the modern definition of vampire, which is why it’s the first book on our list.

Vampires Never Get Old, edited by Zoraida Cordova: If you’re a fan of short stories, we highly recommend this one. You’ll devour these delightful bites told by some of the best modern YA authors. From social media vampires to vampires coming out, you’ll definitely find a story to sink your teeth into.
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The Coldest Touch by Isabel Sterling: What if you had the ability to touch someone and see how they die? Well, that’s what happens to Elise Beaumont who has the ability to see how someone dies just by touching them. But when she meets Claire Montgomery, a vampire, it’s more than just a partnership that forms between them. After all, you can’t see someone’s death if they’re already dead.
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Certain Dark Things by Silvia Moreno-Garcia: In Mexico City, Domingo is just a kid living on the streets trying to stay alive while vampires roam the streets. But Atl is a vampire trying to escape the city when she comes across Domingo. Together, they try to find a way to escape the city, the vampires, and narco-vampire clan pursuing them.
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Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris: If you were a fan of True Blood, then you’ll definitely need to read the books that inspired the show. Similarly to Anne Rice, Charlaine Harris brings vampires to Louisiana in this Southern gothic romance. As waitress Sookie Stackhouse meets the vampire of her dreams, she must decide if he’ll make a good boyfriend.