93-year old veteran turned philanthropist pens first novel


Author and war hero Carl F. Haupt helps refugees at border from his wheelchair

WHITE PLAINS, NY – Carl F. Haupt, a 93-year old retired military veteran on a government pension, has become a philanthropist who feeds the starving refugees at the U.S. border in Arizona. From a wheelchair, he works to make life tolerable for those in limbo. Just as he helped to liberate Europe during WWII and fought in the Asian Theater on the other side of the world, today, he and his wife continue, after more than 17 years, to personally help those fleeing poverty and internal strife within their home countries.

At age 15, along with a reported 1 million other boys across the country, Haupt left home during The Great Depression. He was homeless, hitching rides on freight trains, sleeping on the ground and going hungry for days at a time. Eventually, he landed in Los Angeles. In 1944, he joined the United States Navy and served his country for 22 years, including more than a decade in the United States Air Force. He retired in 1966 as a Master Sergeant.

Haupt is a first time author at 93 years old. His novel, “Gary Gatlin: Reluctant Hero” (Dudley Court Press), was inspired by a strange situation in 1987 when he woke up one morning compelled to write for 13 straight hours the story that had come to him through a dream. Now, decades later, Dudley Court Press has acquired his story for release in 2019. All author royalties from “Gary Gatlin” will be consigned to the non-profit organization Angels on the Border.





Gary Gatlin: Reluctant Hero
Carl F. Haupt | Dudley Court Press | October 2019
Paperback: 978-1-940013-57-2
Historical Fiction / Military Fiction








In an interview, Carl Haupt can discuss:

● Where the idea for his book “Gary Gatlin” came from
● How his time in military service has led him to continue serving others
● What the non-profit Angels on the Border is all about
● How anyone, regardless of age or circumstance, can use their resources to give back to those in need




Carl F. Haput was born in Tucson, Arizona on April 21, 1926. He lived as a hobo during the Great Depression when he was 15 years old. Carl entered the U.S. Navy in January 1944 and was honorably discharged with ARM3C rank. He enlisted in the U.S. Air Force in June 1950 and retired 16 years later with the rank of Master Sergeant. Carl and his wife Sarah started helping locals in Mexico in 1992. They worked in Agua Prieta, a city across from Douglas, Arizona. They helped build over 100 homes and moved 25 donated mobile homes to families in Agua Prieta. They delivered food and other necessities to struggling families. “And above all that we have achieved,” Carl said, “we have met some of the best people that we have ever known.” Carl published his first novel at 93 years old; Gary Gatlin: Reluctant Hero is available now. Profits from the book will be used to help the non-profit organization Angels on the Border.