An interview with Vicky Sanz of The Wild Detectives

What’s your favorite area of your bookstore?

Our nook is a special one, not only is it a place where I enjoy reading myself along with a cozy drink, but also is where awesome book discussions happen. It always puts a smile on my face when I see groups of friends or random people connecting there. 

Another one is our patio, site for book presentations, movies, music shows and dancing. 

What’s the coolest book cover that you like to have facing out on the shelves?

Currently, I really like Ways of Being by James Bridle. There is a hint of surreal dream that winks at me from the bookshelves. Sometimes I play a game – I like the idea of book covers having a conversation. What would Lenny the Lobster say to David Foster Wallace: Consider the Lobster? 

If you had a staff pick for a recent new release, what would it be? Backlist pick?

I feel I always end up on backists, never enough time. Right now I am slowly going through The Tyranny of Algorithms by Miguel Benasayag, The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows by John Koenig, and Revenge of The Librarians by Tom Gauld to balance the mood. 

Do you have a strange customer store?

Not necessarily strange, but on Fridays when I shelve books I get to listen to many first dates and I wonder, will I see them again? 

What author have you been starstruck to meet, or have you gotten to host a fun virtual event?

One of my favorite events is the Hay Festival at our bookstore. Throughout the years, I have gotten to meet some of the new voices of Latin American literature. Lucky me! For example this year I met Dolores Reyes

What are some misconceptions people have about working in a bookstore?

Before I started working here, I thought I would be able to read all the time. It is not possible. 

What is your least favorite bookstore task? Favorite part about working in a bookstore? 

I like ordering books and unpacking. I know it’s odd, but it is like Christmas every Friday for me! Also, when a customer tells me how much they liked a book. Least favorite is alphabetizing constantly, because books seem to wander around and mix themselves up all the time. 

What’s YOUR favorite indie bookstore that you’ve visited, besides your own!

This summer I found the cutest children’s bookstore in Argentina, En un lugar de La Mancha. 

Vicky Sanz is a book buyer at The Wild Detectives in Dallas.