Author Chris McGoff Releases Book On New Peak Performance


For the last 30 years, Chris McGoff has perfected the art of conveying complex ideas and enduring wisdom in both direct terms and in deeply engaging, actionable ways in order to assist businesses, governments, international organizations, associations, NGOs, and others in engendering new and transformative possibilities.

The fact is that the act of creating an organization, in and of itself, is a noble and mighty endeavor. We all desire to create something that resonates far beyond our own lives – something that makes a real contribution to the world. But to do so requires unshakable courage and lifelong dedication. It takes the ability to intentionally shape and live in a culture that demands peak performance from every player, on every level.

Through an engaging, interactive discussion, Chris shares how anyone, on any level of an organization, can be the driver of a peak performance culture. He delves into what this takes, revealing principles that any group can use to understand, shape and sustain a peak performance culture over a lifetime…and beyond.

Chris McGoff has spent the last 30 years assisting businesses and governments in engendering new and transformative possibilities. The author of both The PRIMES: How Any Group Can Solve Any Problem (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., copyright © 2012), a compendium of 46 universal patterns of high performance, and Match in the Root Cellar: How You Can Spark a Peak Performance Culture (Advantage Media Group, copyright © 2017), Chris speaks to how any one, on any level in an organization, can drive a culture that demands peak performance. How to achieve this culture is based on those PRIMES – patterns of behavior that, once recognized, can be referred to using a shared language to effectively communicate and solve problems in ambiguous and challenging environments.




About the book


What would it be like to work in a place that drove you, inspired you, gave you honest feedback as well as unlimited support and encouragement…and you were eager to return the same? If you had the right tools to create this environment, imagine what would be possible for you, your team, and your customers.

There is an ideal organizational culture, where your team understands and whole-heartedly believes in why your organization exists, where even the most complex tasks are accomplished with relative ease, and where the customers’ needs are second to none. It is a place of shared intention, focus, and passion – it’s incredible, and it’s in your power to make it happen.

In his newest book, Match in the Root Cellar: How You Can Sparka Peak Performance Culture , author Chris McGoff illustrates how you can make this happen, even in the face of adversity. Match in the Root Cellar follows the story of Carolyn Qualey, a CEO who finds herself immersed in a broken, sullen culture who discovers that even in the midst of darkness, we all have the ability to shine.

McGoff explains that anyone in an organization – in any position – has the ability to strike the match, to repel a dark default organizational culture and stand for something better and, in doing so, change everything.

It’s not an easy thing to do, but if you have courage and remain persistent, it will happen.

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