Books Forward Authors in the Media: June 2024

What can we say, Books Forward authors are always going, going, going! We’re excited to feature some of our authors and their recent media wins.

  • Jennifer Moorhead’s Broken Bayou was featured in Deep South Magazine’s Summer 2024 Reading List.
  • IndieReader said Evette Davis “showcases her deep passion for storytelling and the enchanting world of the supernatural” in The Others in its starred review.
  • Ann Bancroft wrote a piece called “Cancer Helped Me Finish My Novel, Almost Family” for Women’s Writers, Women’s Books.
  • Reginald L. Reed Jr. discuss his memoir The Day My Mother Never Came Home on the True Murder Podcast.
  • Self-Publishing Review called Christina Bacilieri’s The Last Refuge “a stirring standout” and its review.
  • J. Boyce Gleason created this reading list for Shepherd about the best books that immerse you in a story so compelling that you don’t even realize you’re learning about history.
  • Foreword Reviews called Penny Lane’s Redeemed “a story of indefatigable perseverance” in its review of the memoir.
  • Dr. Ronald Ruff wrote a piece for Psychology Today about responsive, sensitive parenting and healthy development.
  • “A powerful exposé of the human costs of America’s immigration policies” is how Kirkus describes Sarah Towle’s Crossing the Line.
  • Don Silver joined The Overlook Podcast to talk about his midlife shift and why he decided to write his novel Scorched.
  • A Geek Leader Podcast had author Lois Melbourne on to discuss her novel Moral Code, AI, tech, and more.
  • Readers’ Favorite five-star review of Lindsey Henke’s When Skies are Gray praises the book’s “courageous and compassionate exploration of an often silent struggle.
  • Brian J. Morra was featured on First Coast Living to talk about entertaining and educating through historical fiction and his Able Archers series.
  • Anne Abel’s memoir Mattie, Milo, and Me was a spring/summer 2024 book club pick on Modern Dog Magazine.
  • Compulsive Reader went in-depth in their review for Beyond the Shores by Tamara J. Walker.
  • Thomas R. Weaver collaborated with TikTok influencers Kris and Mads to have his techno-thriller Artificial Wisdom featured in their Fable book club.
  • Charles Lachman was interviewed on the Preble Hall podcast where he discussed his new book, Codename Nemo.
  • Poems by author Lauren Martin were excerpted from her collection Night of the Hawk and highlighted in Sanctuary Magazine’s May Poetry Corner.
  • Kirkus says Jerry Madden’s Steel Valley “becomes more engaging as the pages turn” in this review.
  • Leo Daughtry joined Big Blend Radio to talk about his historical novel Talmadge Farm.
  • I Fear Those Big Words recently reviewed the Hirsch Giovanni edition of the Fritz Peters’ classic Finistère.
  • Author Kelly James Clark spoke with Bruce Langford on Mindfulness Mode about his book Raging Fire of Love

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