Books Forward Authors in the Media: November 2023

What can we say, Books Forward authors are always going, going, going! We’re excited to feature some of our authors and their recent media wins.

  • Maya Golden’s article I Was Called ‘Little Black Girl’ and Treated Like a Gimmick was featured by Newsweek.
  • The New York Times featured Rudy Ruiz on a recent reading list of 6 Paperbacks to Read this Week.
  • George Franklin and his new book were covered by The Hill in this recent story.
  • Author Lyn Squire stopped by In Reference to Murder for an Author R&R.
  • Finding Genius had author Audrey Gale on to discuss novel writing.
  • Kosoko Jackson was interviewed by Nuvo News about his childhood and how it influenced his writing.
  • Culturess called Ava Reid’s new book a “dark, emotional and important gothic fantasy.”
  • Maggie Giles’ alumni outlet Western News featured her and her book Twisted.
  • Edward C. Green wrote an article for Spiritual Media Blog about living a life of low self-confidence.
  • GirlTalkHQ featured this article from Alison Levy about how her real-life experiences influenced her new book.
  • Chrissy Holm and her book Finding Sunlight were featured by Tagg Magazine.
  • BookLife says Wen Peetes is “transparent and fully vulnerable” in this review for Inner Child Healing.
  • S. H. Cotugno discusses ways that monsters and mad scientists can be empowering characters in this article for Writer’s Digest.
  • Marschall Runge wrote a piece for Real Clear Health on hackers attacking health care.
  • NBC Washington interviewed Kathryn K. Abdul-Baki about her book Dancing Into the Light.
  • Suzette Mullen talks about her new book in this feature for Out Front Magazine.
  • Mexico News Daily spotlighted Ann Marie Jackson and her book The Broken Hummingbird.
  • Sophia Kouidou-Giles was featured in the National Herald on how her latest book highlights the sorceress Circe.
  • Writer’s Digest ran this piece from author David Scidmore about using physics to explain characters and world-building.

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