Cookbooks I think characters from The Bear should read

I’m VERY excited that The Bear is back (though, am I really ready for that level of stress?), and I can’t wait to see what journeys the characters go on this season. As a bit of a cookbook connoisseur myself, I put together a list of my favorites that I think each of them should read.

For Carmy

The Taste of Country Cooking by Edna Lewis because he has all the knowledge, he just needs to relax and remember why he loves cooking.

For Sydney

NOMA: Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine by René Redzepi because she has a solid foundation and she’s working to elevate her game.

For Richie

Setting the Table by Danny Meyer because he could really shine in his new role of managing the kitchen and front of house.

For Tina

The Professional Chef from the Culinary Institute of America because she has the chops to hang with the big dogs.

For Marcus

Advanced Bread and Pastry by Michael Suas because he clearly loves learning about his craft, and he’ll be able to dream even bigger with this volume.

For Sugar

Home Is Where the Eggs Are by Molly Yeh because you only have brief windows of time to cook as a new mom, so you want good, easy recipes. Also, that omelette. 

For Fak

Matty Matheson: Soups, Salads, Sandwiches because something just tells me he’d like this upcoming cookbook.

For Uncle Jimmy

Essentials of Italian Cooking by Marcella Hazan because I expect that there’s always sauce simmering on his stove. Just in case.