New Publisher Global City Press premieres The Escapist

New York City – When escape becomes a first line of defense, is it possible to ever face life’s harsh realities? In his debut novel, The Escapist (Global City Press, September 2019), David Puretz details one young man’s seemingly never-ending quest for his missing father. Weaving topics like mental health, family conflict and abuse, drug addiction, and sexuality throughout a metanarrative structure, Puretz delves into the internal and external calamities that shape the human life and mind.

The only thing protagonist Billy Chute excels in is escaping. After finding that his father has escaped his own life and disappeared, Billy quits his job and sets out to find him. But what he may really be searching for is a path to free him from his past and give him a purpose and future.

More than a story of self-discovery, The Escapist takes an intimate look into the psyche of an unlikely protagonist. Billy turns to writing as he travels the country, and fiction merges with reality as he makes sense of his inner thoughts and past through a lens of make-believe. Within the metanarrative, he explores the adversity of family and self, desperate to create his own identity, but is held back by drug addiction and the lasting effects of past abuse.





The Escapist
David Puretz | September, 2019 | Global City Press
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Literary Fiction








In an interview, David Puretz can discuss:

● What metafiction is, and why he was drawn to this style for his debut novel
● His experience writing short stories that evolved into this debut novel
● Personal experience that inspired him to write this novel
● How teaching writing has influenced his own writing
● The value and the dangers he sees in using escapism as a coping mechanism



David Puretz is the author of The Escapist, a debut literary fiction novel exploring themes of mental health and self-discovery. He is the creator and founder of the quarterly burly bird zine, which is sponsored by Fortroyal Foundation, a non-profit for the conservation and preservation of the arts. Puretz received an MFA in Creative Writing from The City College of New York and was a trailblazer for Ithaca College’s BA in Writing. Currently, Puretz resides in New York City where he teaches writing at Yeshiva University and is the Managing Editor of Global City Press. For more information, visit https://globalcitypress.com/.