Meet Karen Stefano


PressKitAuthorPhotoStefanoRecognized for her bold commentary and fresh perspective, Karen Stefano is a JD/MBA with more than 20 years of litigation experience, the first eight of which were spent defending men and women accused of some of the most heinous crimes imaginable. She will soon release a true crime memoir, “Vigilance: An Autobiography of Fear.” In the book, Stefano chronicles her terrifying encounter with a man who assaulted her at knifepoint blocks away from the UC Berkeley campus, her jagged road of survival and the years of trauma that followed. She hosts the literary podcast “The Karen Stefano Radio Show” on Rare Bird Radio where she speaks with authors of all genres about their writing craft.

In interviews and as a guest speaker at events, Karen can fluently discuss:

  • The everlasting effects of assault on survivors
  • Becoming a defense lawyer after surviving a violent assault where her own attacker ultimately walked free
  • Living with PTSD and how it impacts relationships of all types, from family to friends to significant others
  • The constant struggle of women losing and regaining power
  • Her forthcoming memoir, “Vigalance: An Autobiography of Fear”

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