The topics nobody wants to talk about


Practical guidance for providing care, including for Alzheimer’s, through end of life

HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colorado, Jan. 14, 2019 — Trish Laub is on a mission “to help others see that even with Alzheimer’s the possibilities are limitless and a meaningful life is possible, that death is due its dignity, and that everyone deserves compassionate and dignified care.”

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While providing care for her parents, Trish found that there were hundreds of books and resources offering advice, but none that made the information easily accessible or provided usable solutions. The Comfort in their Journey book series is what Trish needed: forthright information and answers to everyone’s questions on topics that no one wants to talk about.

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  1. It is projected that by 2050, 16 million people in the US will be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, requiring 80 million caregivers and generating total costs of $1.1 trillion. 

A Most Meaningful Life, my dad and Alzheimer’s, a guide to living with dementia, is the story of a family’s commitment to ensuring a life of quality, dignity and potential for their beloved husband and father living with Alzheimer’s disease.

Understanding the 4 facts and 6 myths about Alzheimer’s, as well as the primary and secondary symptoms, makes it possible for those living with Alzheimer’s to have a meaningful life.
(ISBN:978-1-7322006-0-9, $21.95)

  1. While birth is celebrated, death is still due its dignity.

Peaceful Endings, guiding the walk to the end of life and beyond, is a guide to the process of dying and the specific steps to take before and after. The book illuminates the unknown and allays fears, allowing caregivers to thrive while helping a loved one live their remaining days as they choose.

Preparation for the end of life ensures that others understand your wishes and allows a smooth transition for everyone.(ISBN:978-1-7322006-1-6, $21.95)

  1. While changes in medical and caregiving approaches have yielded benefits, challenges have arisen.

Through the Rabbit Hole, navigating the maze of providing care, is a straightforward guide to care options and decisions to ensure compassionate and dignified care.

LaubPhotoUnderstanding the complexities of managing caregivers and selecting facilities, as well as the medical, legal, financial, insurance, and patient advocacy aspects of care can mean the difference between life and death.
(ISBN:978-1-7322006-2-3, $24.95)

Trish Laub’s expertise is derived from the full-time care of her parents, one with Alzheimer’s, for whom she delivered the care and end of life desired. Through her personal experience, Trish became an unlikely “expert” on the topics of Alzheimer’s, dignified care and end of life. Now, Trish offers readers the opportunity to thrive during the caregiving process. With their easily accessible information and guidance, these nuts-and-bolts books enable caregivers to be quick studies, think and then act. Trish has lived what she is sharing.






“Peaceful Endings”
Trish Laub
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-7322006-0-9 | Price: $21.95