Top audiobooks to get you through your self-mandated isolation jogs

So you decided to take up jogging during quarantine so you could have some time outside the confines of your house? Great in theory. But now you’re outside in 100-degree heat, cursing the healthy part of you that insisted on getting Vitamin D instead of doing push-ups inside. 

Cue audiobooks. 

What better to distract you from the awkward way you hold your arms or that annoying bead of sweat dribbling between your eyebrows than an audiobook so amazing you forget you’re actually running (OK, probably not forget, but I can dream). 

Here’s a list of some of my favorite audiobooks that have gotten me through my own self-mandated isolation jogs during the pandemic:

“Such a Fun Age,” by Kiley Reid, narrated by Nicole Lewis

Fiction is difficult for me to listen to on audiobook. My mind wanders. I realize half a chapter in that I haven’t been paying close enough attention to the plot and I’ve missed something. But Reid’s book constantly held my attention from the first page (or if we’re talking audiobooks, the first second?). This is such a quick, compelling read that I was shocked when it was over. And maybe, just maybe, I’ve convinced myself to listen to more fiction on tape.

“Kitchen Confidential,” by Anthony Bourdain, narrated by the author

This is an audiobook I honestly find my self coming back to over and over again. I’ve always been a huge fan of Bourdain’s shows, and I was surprised how much I enjoyed getting a gritty inside look at the restaurant world through this book. Funny and honest and raw, this is definitely required reading for foodies everywhere.

“We’re Going to Need More Wine,” by Gabrielle Union, narrated by the author

Memoirs are great, and memoirs by celebs are just *chef’s kiss*. Union’s book has made me literally laugh out loud on the jogging trail, as well as completely stop me in my tracks. Her writing flows so easily and is so personable — it felt like I was listening to a friend tell me their life story. And did it inspire me to pour my own glass post-run? Perhaps…

“Calypso,” by David Sedaris, narrated by the author

This was my first Sedaris book, and something about listening to it at 1.5 speed while dodging ducks and small children on my run has me believing it’s the quintessential way to listen to him. Sedaris has a way of writing that is part standup, part extremely personal diary entries, and somehow it all works together. After finishing this one, I was clamoring to reserve his other audiobooks through my library.

“Becoming,” by Michelle Obama, narrated by the author

Obama’s book is loooong but also so worth it. Honestly, I could have listened to it even if it were 40 hours long. I would take an entire collegiate course on Michelle Obama if I could. Her storytelling is stunning and vulnerable and also incredibly powerful at the same time. I recommend this book to so many people, and I distinctly tell them to listen to the audiobook if they get a chance.

“Furiously Happy,” by Jenny Lawson, narrated by the author

Lawson is SO funny. I’m serious, like side-splitting, snorting laughing funny. With the way 2020 has gone, this is one of those books that’s great to tap into when I need reassurance that yeah, life may suck a bit — but laughing at yourself and the ridiculous situations you end up in makes it suck a bit less. Lawson’s sincerity and bluntness about mental illness is so refreshing. If you think you can’t sit back and laugh at your own depression or anxiety, think again.