Attorney and Business Coach Nora Riva Bergman Debuts First Book in Series, “50 Lessons for Lawyers”


TAMPA BAY, FL – In the first installment of the “Lessons for Lawyers” series, “50 Lessons for Lawyers: Earn More. Stress Less. Be Awesome.,” law firm coach Nora Riva Bergman introduces mindfulness into the legal world. In communities where lawyers have previously been expected to attend to the needs of clients and staff above all else, Bergman discusses the benefits of redirecting focus to oneself. By working with the latest strategies in productivity, marketing, and leadership, Bergman allows her readers to consider themselves—as individuals—key to their practice.

Each chapter in the book covers a single lesson, allowing readers to either engage with the book sequentially or skip through according to what seems most relevant or interesting. The lessons in each chapter are simple, easy to implement, and practical above all else.

Read through lessons such as:

  • Lesson 14: Do it. Delegate it. Defer it. Ditch it.
  • Lesson 20: Think of marketing like brushing your teeth. Do it every day.
  • Lesson 29: Join the social media conversation. Teach — don’t sell.
  • Lesson 32: See your firm from your client’s eyes. Create a unique experience.
  • Lesson 44: Money matters, but it’s not the most important thing.

Packed with tools for success, the book takes a motivational approach, aiming to help the inert lawyer get back in motion through self-awareness and reflection. Bergman not only seeks to change the current mindset of her readers, she also concludes every lesson with practical ways to use her advice in the real world, demonstrating her call to action. Bergman understands that in law, as in all fields, it’s not only about the knowing, it’s about the doing.




About the Book

“50 Lessons for Lawyers: Earn More. Stress Less. Be Awesome.”
Nora Riva Bergman | October 1, 2016 | Berroco Canyon Publishing
Softcover | $24.99 | 6 x 0.6 x 9 in | 250 pages | ISBN 9780997263701
E-Book | $9.99 | 250 pages | ISBN B01M7O5MYF
Nonfiction; Self-Help






Nora-Riva-Bergman-picAbout the Author

Nora Bergman’s instruction is crafted from her firsthand experience as an attorney as well as her work as a business coach. Additionally, she has had teaching experience as an adjunct professor at both Stetson University College of Law and the University of South Florida. “50 Lessons for Lawyers” not only displays Bergman’s expert knowledge, it also reveals her unique ability to impart her knowledge on others in ways that inspire real action





Interview Questions For Lori Rader-Day

  1. Did you have your own mentors help you along your journey to success?
  2. When did you know you would make a good mentor to others in your field?
  3. What was the most difficult lesson for you to learn when you were first starting in the field?
  4. How does your book relate personal wellness to business strategy?
  5. Of all the lessons in your book, which lesson is most important for your readers to take away?
  6. What plans do you have underway for writing additional books in this series?

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