Brace for impact as author Caroline Taylor offers 30 short stories about confronting the unexpected and unwelcome


PITTSBORO, North Carolina – Written over a span of more than 10 years, Enough! Thirty Stories of Fielding Life’s Little Curve Balls by Caroline Taylor is an assortment of wry and thoughtful stories about people dealing with life’s surprises. The collection showcases memorable, rich characters coping — or not — with the experiences that life throws at them.

An unexpected houseguest and her 6-year-old tornado of a son overstaying their welcome, constant wrong numbers, the job from hell, secrets best left hidden, an abusive husband – the impediments thrown in the way of life’s happiness vary, and Taylor catalogs these struggles in an outstanding collection. Curve balls have many forms, and so do the ways we handle the ones that life pitches at us.

Caroline Taylor is the author of three mysteries, “What Are Friends For,” “Jewelry from a Grave” and “Loose Ends”; the award-winning nonfiction book, “Publishing the Nonprofit Annual Report: Tips, Traps, and Tricks of the Trade.” She is releasing a thriller, “The Typist,” in June 2018. A lifelong writer and editor, Caroline has received numerous awards for editorial and design excellence for publications she produced for the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the NIH Foundation, World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace, BoardSource, and the Aeras Global TB Vaccine Foundation. She is a member of the North Carolina Writers’ Network, Sisters in Crime, and Mystery Writers of America.




About the Book

“Enough!: Thirty Stories of Fielding Life’s Little Curve Balls”
Caroline Taylor | April 1, 2018 | Literary Wanderlust
Paperback | 978-1942856214 | $12.99, e-book | B079GCMCD7 | $5.99 Short stories

Praise for “Enough!
“Caroline Taylor’s stories are taut, pointed, and consistently intriguing — not to mention potent reminders of the dramatic arcs that shape even the most ordinary lives.”
Louis Bayard, author of Lucky Strike

“Attention is the rare and pure form of generosity. In Enough!, Caroline Taylor pays attention to the small heroes of our everyday lives: those important cogs that surround us. She presents them with both wit and grace.” —Ruth Moose, professor emeritus of creative writing at the University of Carolina, and author of Neighbors and Other Strangers and two other short story collections and two mystery novels



PressKitAuthorPhotoCTaylorAn Interview with Caroline Taylor

How did you decide which stories to include in this collection?
Without intending to, I seem to have written a number of stories about people confronting the unexpected and the unwelcome. I selected those that best reflect the myriad ways people handle life’s little surprises.

Were any of these situations inspired by real events or real people?
Several are fictional renditions of experiences in my life, including “Memories of the Shed,” “Masada by Moonlight,” “One of Ours,” “How Josie’s Problem Got Solved,” and “Department of Purgatory.

Is the process of writing a short story different than the process of writing a novel?
The short story does not require as much in-depth revelation of character and seldom
needs a backstory. Otherwise, the process is the same—albeit much shorter.

What is a lesson you hope readers take away from this book?
Handling the curve balls that life pitches at you can run the gamut from fighting back to getting creative to taking the cautious approach, to escaping or simply throwing in the towel.

What advice do you have for aspiring writers?
Understand that rejection does not mean you’re no good. Rejection simply means that the person doesn’t want your story and that it could be because of personal prejudices, the current market, competing stories, or even personal or work issues that make rejecting a piece easier than taking it up. Learn from rejection on those rare occasions when someone gives feedback. But, also, look at that feedback with a critical eye.

Do you have a method for tackling writer’s block?
If I can’t think of what to write, I go for a walk, take up some household task that involves physical rather than mental labor, or, when available, work on a freelance editing assignment—anything that gives the creative side of my brain a rest.

What’s next for you?
My suspense novel, “The Typist,” is forthcoming from Black Rose Writing in June 2018.
237 Old Hickory Blvd., Suite 201, Nashville, TN 37221
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