Christian Author Relies on Faith After Son’s Medical Brain Injury

Barry Milazzo was a managing director in New York City for one of the most powerful commercial real estate firms in the U.S., with a happy family and millions in assets—but his world was shattered when his eight-month-old son, Bryson, suffered a catastrophic brain injury from a routine vaccination. After an unwanted divorce and the loss of his financial stability, Barry was left to raise his three children on his own. Like the Biblical Job, there were times when Barry was tempted to curse God and die due to the impossible hardships he faced. Instead, in his new book All the King’s Horses: Finding Purpose and Hope in Brokenness and Impossibility (Creation House), he tells a raw yet incredible true story of how he chose to rely on the power and grace of Jesus Christ who he believes is the Answer to every “impossible” situation.

Featured on ESPN, Cornerstone TV, and on radio stations nationwide, Milazzo’s compelling true story is not a “self-help” book that relies on slogans or easy answers. Instead, it addresses loss and difficulty with honesty, raw emotion, faith and humanity in a way that every reader can connect with in a deeply personal way.

Milazzo says, “King Jesus takes our desperately unwanted brokenness, the very circumstances that have seemingly wrecked our lives, and uses them to produce a dependence upon Him that becomes the lynchpin of His divine purpose for us.”

All The King’s Horses will empower readers not only to endure, but to embrace trials with hope and faith. Barry shares his journey with brutal honesty rarely seen in Christian books, yet with charm and wit. When all the king’s horses can’t put your Humpty Dumpty life together again, there is a King who brings purpose, hope, and victory—and an incredible story that is impossible to put down.


Barry Milazzo is a father of three. The passion of his life and ministry is to lift up Jesus Christ to be seen as the magnificent God and King He truly is, and to make Him known as the Answer for every human problem, every broken dream, and every “impossible” situation. The author lives in New Jersey. For more information, visit