‘City of Shards’ shares a tale of redemption in a deeply divided sociopolitical world Fantasy author Steve Rodgers releases the first novel in the Spellgiver series


SAN DIEGO, California – Welcome to Spellgiver, the divided world where power rises from the moon’s phases and the language of magic is assembled from the ruins of a long-dead race.

Reminiscent of the work of Brent Weeks, Steve Rodger’s debut novel creates a fascinating world where the power structures of Seridor, Tanbar, and the Northlands live in fear and ignorance of each other. Like all the best fantasy novels, “City of Shards” (March 30, 2018) challenges worldviews by presenting them in a new universe and touching on themes of social justice and redemption in a deeply political, trustless world.


BookCoverShardsAbout the Book: The Wormpile district is the official canker on the capital’s bottom, a place where the people boil under the sway of a monstrous god. There, 16-year old Larin suffers from violent and random outbursts, shouting his nonsense words into the decaying alleyways. Protected from the gangs by his drug-addicted warrior uncle Akul, Larin’s only friends are an outcast thief and an alcoholic priestess looking for excuses not to arrest him.

But when Larin learns that his outbursts come from Haraf, Lord of Demons, all other worries shrink to nothing. For the Demon Lord is in permanent war with the Six-Legged Gods, whose priests now slink through the Wormpile, masking their terrifying agenda with good deeds and cries for social justice. As Larin and his uncle find themselves surrounded by enemies, their only allies are a permanently drunk priestess and a high-born wizardress, who must hold her nose and work with the street rabble she despises. And Larin will either follow his master Haraf, or watch his city slide into a far greater evil—one that will turn mankind’s soul to ash.

“City of Shards”
Steve Rodgers | March 30, 2018
Paperback ISBN: 978-0998361611 | Price: $10.00
Ebook ASIN: B0795YV7FJ | Price: $3.99


About the Author: Steve Rodgers has been reading science fiction since he was old enough to carry a stack of hard-bound books out of the central library. He’s been writing all his life.

In his adult life, Steve is a writer of science fiction, fantasy, and speculative fiction whose short stories have appeared in Deepwood Publishing’s “Ruined Cities” anthology, Cosmic Vegetable’s “Anthology of Humorous SF”, Longcount Press’s “Songs of the Great Cycle (Mesoamerican Fantasy)”, and “Dysfunctional Family: An Anthology”, all for sale on Amazon. His short fiction has also appeared in several online magazines, such as Compelling Science Fiction, Bards & Sages, Perihelion, Stupefying Stories, Black Denim Lit, Electric Spec, Newmyths, Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, and many others. Steve has won several honorable mentions and silver honorable mentions from the prestigious Writers of the Future contest, and has attended the Viable Paradise science fiction writing workshop.

Steve Rodgers lives in Southern California with his wife and dog. You can find out more about him at his author website: www.steverodgersauthor.com



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