“Guardians of the Galaxy” meets “Ready Player One” in a riveting, hilarious romp through space

An inventive mixture of sci-fi, fantasy, mythology, and technology

Oahu (Honolulu), HI – Strap in for a humorous thrill ride through the colorful reaches of space and alternate timelines as two dudes, who have no idea what they’re doing, try to save the universe (and their own butts) in one of the most fun sci-fi fantasies you’ll read all year: “Josh & Sen Save the Multiverse: The Path of One” (Cadence Group, October 3, 2023). With the loveable banter of “Guardians of the Galaxy” and the inventive nods to technology and gaming of “Ready Player One,” this debut is unexpectedly heartfelt as it explores parenthood, perseverance, and the brotherhood between two men bonded by fate to save the multiverse. 

Josh was just trying to get his life together enough to reunite with his young daughter Sophie when he gets sucked into the multidimensional world of the immortals through his office elevator during lunch. Alongside his unexpected ally, Sen Marztanak, Josh must find a way to rise through the levels of mortal cultivation in order to reach Transcendence. 

Josh and Sen are eager to get back to their own path–Josh anxiously fighting his way back to his daughter and Sen desperately battling to reclaim his immortality and his family’s ruling seat. Get swept away with Sen and Josh through this exciting tale as they uncover their true destinies. 

“Josh & Sen Save the Multiverse: The Path of One”

David Behling | October 3, 2023 | Cadence Group | Sci-Fi, Fantasy

Print | 979-8-9886535-0-9 | $14.99

Ebook | 979-8-9886535-1-6 | $4.99

DAVID BEHLING: is a Chicago born sci-fi, fantasy, and video game admirer. When he was younger and stronger, he was able to fight off his infatuation long enough to work as a Honolulu-based plaintiff’s malpractice lawyer for five years before attending med school and residency. Now he treats his patients on Oahu, where his office has been for the last fifteen years. He has trained in several fields of martial arts over the years, including Tae Kwon Do and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Older now, he would rather be surfing, snowboarding, and skating when he is brave enough! Most importantly, he is the proud father of four amazing children: Indigo, Tristan, Kireina, and Nina. They even text him sometimes. He is also the lucky owner of the world’s cutest chihuahua, Rosie.

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In an interview, David Behling can discuss:

  • How the hopelessness of the pandemic inspired this light-hearted, adventure aimed to reignite hope
  • David’s personal parallels to his main character Josh as they both grapple with the complexities of navigating parenthood and divorce
  • How gaming, sci-fi fandoms, and fantasy media influenced his worldbuilding
  • Why he was inspired to weave Greek mythology throughout the book
  • What’s next for Josh & Sen as they embark on this epic 15-part installment

An Interview with

David Behling

You wrote this novel partly in response to the hopelessness amid the Covid-19 pandemic. What do you hope readers will take away when they read Josh and Sen’s story? 

Everyone in the world has been affected by the pandemic. It is true that we can see the silver lining in some of the changes, and feel brought back to our roots in a lot of ways. Unfortunately, many of the changes have been devastating and will continue to be so for many years. You can see this very prominently in third world countries where the economies of tourism were completely shut down for long periods of time. When I first started noticing this, I remember thinking, “How good would it be if there were a couple of guys who would be willing to go to the wall to save us all?” 

How did you create Josh and Sen? Were there any sci-fi/fantasy figures from your childhood that inspired the character’s stories?

Everytime I sit down to write about Josh and Sen I learn more about myself and my motivations. Some things even surprise me. But, ever since I was twelve years old and my father took me to Merrionette Park in Chicago’s south side to see Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indy’s been my hero. One of my favorite spots is the classic line where he is trying to steal the ark back from the nazi’s, he lays out a plan and ends it with, “I dunno, I’m making this up as I go . . .” I would have to say this is a major inspiration for Josh and Sen. Don’t ask them how beforehand, but they will find a way to get where they need to be. 

What parts of your personal life inspired your main character Josh and his relationship with his daughter Sophie? 

I have the blessing and privilege of having four children. Ages 31, 27, 24, and 9. I also have unfortunately been through the tragedies of two divorces. The geological boundaries of living in Hawaii make routine custody spits difficult. When my two oldest were three and zero, and my x-wife moved to Ohio, I could only see them during the summers for 8 wks and every other holiday season. I know what it is like to be separated from your kids and not have a whole lot you can do about it. 

Why did you decide to weave bits of Greek mythology into the book? 

When I was growing up there wasn’t a lot of fantasy literature or TV shows. Where I turned to get it was the classics.  I loved Greek mythology when I was a kid. Particularly stories from the Age of Heros. When I started the first book and wanted Josh and Sen to travel underground to get their first Earth Attunement, Gaia, Mother of the Earth was just a natural fit. But you can’t talk about Gaia without getting into the serious family drama she has with her husband and the multiple sets of kids and grandkids, can you? Not to mention, all the stuff is public domain. 

What can we expect next from you as a writer? What are your big plans for Josh and Sen? 

Right now I’m finishing the third book. The second, “Karma and Bigger Fish” is already written and being polished for final release between 3-6 months after the Path of One comes out. 

Josh and Sen will be meeting some new folks. Some friends and some decidedly not so friendly. One of the things they are going to learn is that the iteration is a lot bigger than they are right now. They are also going to learn that Karma and Reality have some pretty big plans for them and the people that they care about.

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