Diversity celebrated in lively children’s book that illustrates the importance of representation and acceptance

“Our differences are what unite us. No two of us are the same.”

NASHVILLE – All people are beautiful, and it’s our differences that ultimately unite us. It’s this lesson that author Vincent Kelly constructs in “All People Are Beautiful” (April 2, 2021, Greater You Books), a beautifully illustrated children’s book promoting excitement for love across all boundaries — and demonstrating that diversity is more than just the color of our skin.

Early readers will learn that all people, cultures and languages are beautiful, and so is celebrating those differences. There’s no better way to talk about diversity and acceptance than with bright colors, fun artwork and interactive ways children can engage while they read. Readers will learn words in new languages, discover new hobbies, different countries’ native garments, and so much more.

The book also includes additional activities children can take part in, inspiring them to use their imaginations to craft characters and flags of their own. And there’s an additional free fun activity resource that can be utilized in the classroom or at home. With translations in seven languages — and more to come — “All People are Beautiful” is an excellent addition to every early reader’s bookshelf.

“All People Are Beautiful”
Vincent Kelly | April 2, 2021
Greater You Books | Children’s
Available editions: Hardcover 978-1-7359504-0-2 | $23.95
Paperback | 978-7359504-1-9 | $19.99
Ebook | 978-7359504-1-9 | $9.99

Vincent Kelly is a human resources leader, husband and father. He is based in the entertaining city of Nashville, Tennessee with his wife and two sons. He loves writing stories that are filled with fun, color, life lessons, and that focus on promoting positive behavior and early learning in children. “The Awesome Things I Love” is his debut children’s book. There are more works to follow as he seeks to pen books that children all over the world will grow to love. For more information, visit his website, https://vincentmkelly.com/.

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In an interview, Vincent Kelly can discuss:

  • How his career in human resources has afforded him the opportunity to work with people from across the world
  • His deep awareness, appreciation and love for diversity and people from all backgrounds
  • The importance of representation and teaching children the value of diversity early
  • Normalizing conversations around diversity with children
  • His decision to have the book in seven languages, with more to follow
  • The activities that accompany the book and how children can utilize them

An interview with Vincent Kelly

1. What inspired you to write this book?

I wanted to weigh in on the conversation of diversity. 2020 had lots of events that affected the diversity space and generated responses from the entire globe. We elected the first African-American, Asian-American and woman as vice president of the United States — which is exciting — but we also had issues around racial injustice. The conversation of diversity never gets old and can never be talked about too early. I wanted to do something to highlight the beauty of our differences with the intention of showing how they unite us. My thought was, “Who better to influence than our children — tomorrow’s presidents, doctors, teachers, politicians, pastors, policemen, and lawyers!”

2. What is the book’s message, and why is that message so timely now?

The message is to evangelize that everyone is beautiful regardless of what you look like, where you’re from, your culture, your hobbies or anything else that makes you different. Our differences are what unite us, not divide us. This is how we normalize the conversation with children around diversity and differences. This is where acceptance, appreciation and respect for those differences begins.

3. Diversity is reality. Why do you think it’s important for children to learn about representation early?

I truly believe diversity is reality and that children need to know that our differences are what unite us, not divide us. I think this message is so important for kids to be exposed to until it becomes unconsciously integrated — until it becomes a truth they know deep down!

4. How many different languages and translations will the book be available in? Why did you decide to make it available in so many languages?

“All People Are Beautiful” will be available in seven languages: English, Spanish Portuguese, French, Dutch, Swahili and Chinese. I believe the message is really a movement is one that children everywhere can relate to regardless of your country. I want as many children as possible to have access to this book.