A classroom with children raising their hands and text that says "Do you need an educator guide for your children's book?"

What is an educator guide and do I need one for my book?

Calling all children’s book authors! Are you considering making an educator guide for your book? Keep reading to find out if it’s a good fit for you.

What are educator guides?

Educator guides are resources that help teachers adapt literary materials for classroom use. These guides are typically tailored for the class’s age group and are designed to meet current curriculum standards. Educator guides often include discussion questions, hands-on activities, and worksheets that teachers can print out and use.

Should I have and educator guide?

If you plan on reaching out to schools to schedule classroom visits, an educator guide would likely be a good fit for you. We all know that teachers have packed schedules, so the more time-saving resources you can provide for them, the better!

In addition to sending these materials directly to teachers and librarians, you’ll also want to incorporate them on your website.

Here are a few examples of guides on author websites:

What should I include?

A discussion guide with open-ended questions for students to consider after reading can be used to spark classroom conversation. You can also include hands-on activities related to your book, such as word searches, crafts, and coloring pages, with downloadable materials, if appropriate. If you know of other books that explore your main subject, consider making a list of recommended reads for students who want to delve deeper. Remember to keep the age of your ideal audience in mind as you put your educator guide together!

How can I get an educator guide?

While some authors choose to create their own guides, it may be best to hire professional help to ensure that your materials meet current curriculum requirements. Many former educators have small businesses dedicated to making classroom materials, such as Rm 228

By partnering with educators, you can reach more students with your book while making a memorable impact on communities. 

Looking for tips on how to schedule school visits?

Check out our previous article here on best practices for scheduling school visits.

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