Evocative poems capture a world shattered by stroke and the hope that remains via a powerful image of the Red Sea

NEW YORK, NY– Annette Libeskind Berkovits’ poetry offers a searing portrayal of a mother’s anguish after a sudden hemorrhagic stroke renders her son, father of two young daughters, quadriplegic in the prime of his life. In her stunning use of poetry as memoir, Berkovits wrestles with questions of faith, hope, and guilt, and presents an intimate glimpse of a world shattered by stroke.

“A book on how to cope when the body and the blood betray, surprise, fail, and ultimately, reinvigorate”–Matthew Lippman, poet

ANNETTE LIBESKIND BERKOVITS was born in Kyrgyzstan and grew up in postwar Poland and the fledgling state of Israel before coming to the United States at age sixteen. Her professional background is in the biological sciences and education. Her stories and poems have appeared in Silk Road Review: a Literary Crossroads; Persimmon Tree; American Gothic: a New Chamber Opera; Blood & Thunder: Musings on the Art of Medicine; and in The Healing Muse. For more information on her life and work, please visit: https://annetteberkovits.com.

“Erythra Thalassa: Brain Disrupted”
Annette Libeskind Berkovits | November 12, 2020 | Tenth Planet Press | Poetry
Paperback | ISBN: 978-0998757827

In an interview, Annette Libeskind Berkovits can discuss:

  • Why she wrote “Erythra Thalassa” and how writing poetry helped her cope
  • How, as an elderly mother, she is able to help her adult son, and her advice for caregivers
  • Her thoughts on the medical system as it relates to severely disabled individuals
  • How she blends her science background with her love for the arts in her poetry