Minimalist photobook highlights visual purity of architecture and nature

Proceeds from book sales to benefit the Breast Cancer Alliance Charity

Ellicott City, MD–A journey through the innovative photography of G.B. Smith, the book “Pathways” (G Editions LLC, Nov. 7, 2023) features select photos from many of Smith’s current collections, including several of his recent multi-award winning images. The curation represents the broad spectrum of his eclectic subjects and reflects the simplicity and uncluttered form of his distinctive black and white style. Informed by his experience with color blindness, Smith’s work encourages the viewer to examine a world that exists beyond color.

Smith explains, “I use only black and white and mostly minimalist imagery, believing profoundly that less is more.”

Among Smith’s many accolades are three consecutive Gold Medals in the architecture, fine art and nature categories at the Prix de la Photographie awards in Paris. 

Believing that art should make a positive impact, Smith will be donating proceeds from the sales of “Pathways” to the Breast Cancer Alliance.


G.B. Smith | November 7, 2023 | G Editions LLC | Art, Photography

Hardcover | ISBN: 978-1943876471 | $85.00

About the Artist…

“I have long admired G.B. Smith’s singular ability to focus and to strip away distractions to help others see the most important elements….he studies his subjects with care and thinks deeply about all that he wants us to see.”

–Lawton W. Fitt, former head of The Royal Academy of Arts

G.B. Smith: Born in the industrial heartland of England, G.B. Smith began his photographic journey almost fifty years ago as a teenager in apprenticeship of traditional film techniques both in the darkroom and with large plate cameras. The simplicity and deliberateness of his images today reflect the mindfulness of this traditional approach, manifested in modern digital technology. Having grown up with extreme color blindness, Smith strips away visual distractions to focus on the structures and patterns as he sees them. His images bring solace to a psyche constantly overwhelmed by the overstimulation of color, and encourage us to look beyond color. Given his industrial heritage, many of his studies gravitate toward decaying man-made structures and their interaction with the regenerative power of nature. A truly global citizen, having lived on multiple continents and worked extensively in six, Smith now resides in Maryland. To learn more, visit: and follow him on Instagram

In an interview, G.B. Smith can discuss:

  • His journey as a photographer, from his teenage start to his current artistic prowess
  • How being color-blind contributes to his signature minimalist, black-and-white approach to photography
  • Why he’s donating proceeds from book sales to the Breast Cancer Alliance, underscoring his commitment to making a positive impact through art
  • The Baltimore-area imagery featured in the book, offering a captivating narrative rooted in his surroundings
  • His “other persona” as one of the longest serving CEOs of a public high technology company, and its influence on his artistic approach

An Interview with

G.B. Smith

1. What has your photography journey been like? What is your photographic philosophy? 

My journey began over 50 years ago as a teenager, learning the fundamentals of the craft in the darkroom and with large plate cameras. I was immediately captivated by the ability to envision, craft and produce images as a unique personal expression and to be in control of the whole process. My philosophical approach to photography is to try to distill the subject down to its essence, presenting its uncluttered form and flows, without the distraction of color and other elements. Therefore I often use minimalist imagery, truly believing that less is indeed more.

2. How did you select which photos to include in “Pathways”?

I selected images from several of my current collections, including many recent award winning images. I endeavor to take the viewer through a journey around the image using light to illuminate the pathways. The common theme amongst them is the way light informs and accentuates the flows around the image, regardless of the subjects, be they landscapes, industrial or architectural. The selected images all present a simplicity of this minimalist form.

3. Your work draws attention to both man-made, architectural structures and more organic, natural forms. How do you choose your subjects?

I study and seek out locations and subjects that present me with the opportunity to strip away the distractions and capture the essence of the subject in a way that might not be obvious. My visualization test is all about being able to see these forms and flows of the subject be they natural landscapes or man-made structures. I often visit the same locations or subjects multiple times to explore the different patterns of light and conditions.

4. Why do you only shoot in black-and-white?

I have grown up with acute color blindness so have always had a restricted visual vocabulary. However, this enables me to strip away the distractions of color and to focus on the structures and patterns as I see them. Therefore black and white imagery best represents how I see the world and I believe encourages people to look beyond the overstimulation of color and to appreciate the essence of the subject.

5. Outside of being an award-winning photographer, you’re also one of the longest serving CEOs of a public tech company. How do you balance your business role with your artistic pursuits?

Photography provides a balance in my life and a very different artistic outlet. I returned to my original photographic passion when my family grew up and I had a little more time. I believe I perform better in my corporate role because of this balance. My ability to distill things down to their essence permeates both my photography and my approach to business.

6. Why did you decide to donate the proceeds from book sales to breast cancer awareness?

My family was directly affected by breast cancer like that of many of my friends and colleagues. My wife Stacia had breast cancer in her early forties and we were fortunate enough to receive incredible treatment and care. This is a way of paying it forward to help others and the Breast Cancer Alliance is an amazing organization that provides care to the underserved, innovative research and educational fellowships on a national basis. By combining these two passions I am using my art to make a positive difference.

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