Son’s novel honors parents lost to 2020 East Troublesome Fire

Grand Lake, CO–Based on a remarkable true story, Glenn Hileman’s “A Yellow House in the Mountains” (March 2024) honors the lives of his parents, Lyle and Marylin, who were lost to Colorado’s East Troublesome Fire, by showcasing the love, faith and determination which guided them through difficult times.

By the end of the day on October 21, 2020, more than 193,000 acres and over 400 homes were consumed in the East Troublesome Fire, Colorado’s fastest-moving fire in history. Lyle and Marylin understood living in their mountain paradise had risks, and their approach to the oncoming fire was consistent with their approach to other challenges in their lives–they faced it together.

An awe-inspiring novel based on a love story like no other, “A Yellow House in the Mountains” traces Lyle and Marylin’s relationship from their high-school sweetheart days to their 68-year marriage. Filled with a sense of the couple’s ambition and determination, “A Yellow House” will leave readers with a strengthened resolve to overcome life’s challenges and embrace life’s miracles.

“A Yellow House in the Mountains”

Glenn Hileman | March 1, 2024 | GLH2 Holdings | Fiction, Historical

Hardcover | ISBN: 979-8-9888228-1-3 | $27.95

Paperback | ISBN: 979-8-9888228-0-6 | $18.99 

Ebook | ISBN: 979-8-9888228-2-0 | $12.99

GLENN HILEMAN: Glenn is the CEO of Highmark School Development and has spent over fifteen years living in Bountiful, Utah. His love of Grand Lake, Colorado led to him purchasing his parent’s home in 2020. His family is actively working to restore the property from the devastation of the East Troublesome Fire. In doing so, they hope to honor the legacy of his parents. Learn more about Glenn at: 



In an interview, Glenn Hileman can discuss:

  • The lasting impact of the East Troublesome Fire in Colorado, which was the fastest growing fire in the state’s history
  • Why it was important to tell Lyle and Marylin’s story, as the only two lives lost to the fire
  • The powerful lessons he learned from Lyle and Marylin, and the real-life miracles that touched their lives
  • Why he’s planning on restoring the property Lyle and Marylin lost to the fire
  • What he hopes readers will take away from “A Yellow House in the Mountains”

An Interview with

Glenn Hileman

1. Why did you decide to share Lyle and Marylin’s story with the world? 

Their lives were filled with remarkable experiences that can inspire others. Through their commitment to one another and with faith, they overcame numerous obstacles in life and left a legacy worthy of remembrance. A love story, “A Yellow House in the Mountains” provides relatable examples of how to navigate life.

2. Do miracles really happen?

Miracles occur frequently but may be overlooked or mislabeled as coincidences. Lyle and Marylin’s story contains several examples of miracles. Some of their encounters were immediate while others played out over a sixty-eight year marriage. Their story will touch the hearts of many that look to understand our purpose in life and the role miracles play.

3. How did Lyle and Marylin overcome life’s challenges?

An unwavering commitment to their marriage provided Lyle and Marylin with the strength to get through hard times. They believed their relationship could endure through eternity and that working together, they could improve and grow. 

4. What lessons will readers learn from Lyle and Marylin?

Challenges and adversity are a normal part of life and often provide our greatest opportunities for growth. Personal improvement takes effort and having the support of loved ones helps facilitate change. Our potential in life is magnified as we collaborate with others, especially with family and friends.

5. What should readers know about you?

Perhaps the greatest written insights into my life are contained within the pages of the book. Like my parents, I lean heavily on my family and faith to navigate life.

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