In new thrilling LGBTQ+ romance, how far will one billionaire go in his quest for ultimate control and vengeance?


BORAS, Sweden – How does a man living a lavish life in multiple cities plan a complicated revenge plot while chasing a new, sexy romance? In the thrilling romance “Mr. Pink” (Oct. 6, 2020), by Patrick Hjertén, this billionaire does just that. Readers will be enthralled with Mr. Pink from the very start, a man who manages to continue living a glamorous, exciting life while seeking vengeance for a friend who was sexually assaulted.

Mr. Pink is usually busy being a bossy, controlling billionaire who owns a magazine, publishing house, and homes in both Stockholm and London. But he’s also busy planning revenge on a man responsible for his college best friend’s coma. When he’s not calling in favors, buying priceless artwork, manipulating the international stock market or indulging in light blackmail, he’s at the spa with his besties or enjoying a casual sexual encounter. Used to being in control of everyone, moody journalist Andreas keeps Mr. Pink guessing from the moment they meet.

And Mr. Pink can’t resist — or stay away. Will he be able to get the guy and stay focused on his elaborate revenge, or will this notoriously successful man find himself going under?

“Mr. Pink”
Patrick Hjertén | Oct. 6, 2020 | Gay Romance
Paperback | 9781735268903 | $12.99 | Ebook | 9781735268910 | $4.99

About The Author

Patrick Hjertén dwells comfortably in both England and Sweden, calling himself a Swedish country life and London city life mixture. He has dreamed of writing a novel since his grandmother read him books as a child and has been creating stories since then. Working as a freelance copywriter, writer, and as head of the business department of a Sixth Form College, Hjertén’s life passion remains all things creative, and his new novel gives insight into that fiery artistry. For more information, visit


In an interview, Patrick Hjertén can discuss:

  • Living in both England and Sweden and how his experiences in those locations inspired him in setting the novel’s location
  • The inspiration for the fiery and controlling yet charismatic billionaire Mr. Pink
  • Working as a copywriter and head of a business department and how that career path influenced his new path as a fiction writer
  • Writing for an LGBTQ+ audience and the importance of #ownvoices authors
  • His unique family heritage as a descendant of a 16th-century Swedish monarch

An Interview with Patrick Hjertén

Is there anyone in particular that you thought of when creating the character of Mr. Pink?

Growing up, I watched “Dallas,” “Dynasty” and “Falcon Crest,” and I loved them. I have taken characteristics from their more evil personalities on the shows, and I have also taken a lot from myself. You could say that Mr. Pink is a darker version of me — my evil twin.

How has your work as a copywriter and head of a business department informed you in writing a novel?

When it comes to copywriting you have to be creative on demand, so to speak. You have to use different tone of voices and you have to work against deadlines. Sometimes really tight deadlines, like one I had recently. This has given me the ability to have a diverse language, and many voices. And I am good at churning out text at a fairly high speed.

There are multiple facets to this novel — an LGBTQ+ relationship, a successful and powerful businessman, a woman dealing with sexual assault — where there any difficulties you found trying to create a cohesive narrative?

I sometimes describe my way of making up a story like when I make a beef stew. I look in my fridge and in my cupboards to see what I have. And then put in a bit of this and a bit of that. And then what happens if I add this? Stir, let simmer and voilá. Mr. Pink is a mix of my own life and own experiences, people I have met, and stories I have been told, all seasoned with inspiration from books that have touched me and ’80s prime-time soap operas.

How did your life in both Sweden and England help to inspire aspects of the book? Did you ever think about setting the book in a different location?

As I mentioned above, I have taken a lot from my own life and from things I have been told by others. I’ve then twisted it and pumped up the drama level. I used settings in England and Sweden, as well as in Los Angeles, because I know these places best. It is so much easier to write about places you know.

Can you talk a bit about your interesting family lineage — not everyone is literally descended from royalty!

It might sound strange but I have always been interested in royalty from the past, and I sort of felt that I was connected to them before I actually knew that I was linked to them. I am the descendant of Erik XIV, of Sweden, and his illegitimate daughter who he gave the name Virginia — he and his brothers had quite a few illegitimate children. They were all taken from their mothers and raised at the court of princess Cecilia (who also spent time at the court of Elizabeth, the first of England, and was a pirate princess). Erik’s father was a noble man who grabbed the power of the Swedish crown, but his mother was a German princess and the source to the really interesting characters. The families of power married each other back and forth. That is why I am connected to Charlemagne in 15 different ways.

When you read about them and the things they did to keep power and gain power it is on par with “Game of Thrones.” One example is the ancestor who had her second son killed so that the eldest could have all the power to himself. And then there’s the ancestor who was the illegitimate son of the duke of Normandy. He was the only one to inherit the title, but at one time, he was challenged and slandered. He had the hands and feet of these people cut off. Some years later, he became known as William the Conqueror when he conquered England.

What do you hope readers will take away from this book?

I hope that they will be thrilled, entertained and that it will be a page turner for them. And of course, that they will want to read more of my stories.