International best-selling author’s latest a thrilling addition in mythically marvelous YA fantasy adventure


DENVER, Colorado – The bonds of friendship are tested in the newest chronicle of the Adventures of Jason Lex. “The Forge of Bonds,” (Feb. 25, 2020, Camashea Press) by best-selling author Wendy Terrien, finds Rampart Guard Jason and Yowie Sadie Callahan adjusting to the aftermath of their previous separate adventures.

Recalling the lives he was forced to take, Jason’s reluctance to kill again doesn’t go unnoticed by Sadie, who faces her own struggles as she attempts to embrace her new powers and evade her nemesis Garrison Devine. With loyal dogs Shay and Finn, the two continue their quest to protect humankind from the malevolent cryptids among them.

The latest installment of Terrien’s award-winning YA contemporary fantasy is a coming-of-age story where friendships thrive despite adversity — and ultimate danger.



“The Forge of Bonds” (Chronicle Three in the Adventures of Jason Lex)

Wendy Terrien | Feb. 25, 2020 | Camashea Press
Paperback | 978-0-9983369-5-4 | $15.99 | Hardcover | 978-0-9983369-4-7 | $28.99
Ebook | 978-0-9983369-6-1 | $5.99 | YA Contemporary Fantasy


Praise for Wendy and The Rampart Guards series

“[The Rampart Guards is] a delightful novel that delivers a tightly plotted, character-driven story. This paranormal fantasy is not only wildly entertaining, but also undeniably unique. The cast of authentic and endearing characters is one of the novel’s many strengths, along with the brisk pacing, action-packed narrative and creation of the novel’s fascinating creatures. Both adult and YA audiences should find this book appealing.”
— Kirkus Reviews (starred review), named to Kirkus Reviews’ Best Books of 2016

“Terrien has created an intriguing world that seamlessly integrates the fantastic with the realistic and is supported by a relatable cast of characters.”
— Foreword Clarion 5-star review

“The undeniable strength of Terrien’s writing is not in the action scenes (although they are exhilarating and adeptly rendered), or in the plot (which is intelligently designed and skillfully executed), but in her ability to warmly express the very human nature of her characters as they stumble, grow, and triumph, always with the genuine support of one another.”
— Colorado Book Review of The Forge of Bonds

“In Sadie, Terrien presents readers [of The Clan Calling] with a strong, relatable female protagonist. She could have remained merely an important secondary character in the series–a curious Hermione Granger to Jason Lex’s adventurous Harry Potter; instead, she’s entrusted with the lead role here, and Terrien makes sure that she plays it very well … A fresh installment with a realistic protagonist whom teens will want to follow into the realms of the paranormal.”
— Kirkus Reviews

WENDY TERRIEN is an international best-selling author and Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers’ 2017-18 Independent Writer of the Year. Her debut novel, “The Rampart Guards,” earned a Kirkus starred review and was named to Kirkus Reviews’ Best Books of 2016. Wendy graduated from the University of Utah and transplanted to Colorado where she completed her MBA at the University of Denver. She is on the board of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, and is a member of Pikes Peak Writers, the Colorado Authors’ League, and the Author’s Guild. Wendy lives in the Denver area with her husband, Kevin, and their dogs, Shea and Boon. She is also committed to promoting pet adoption from rescues or shelters.

An Interview with Wendy Terrien

How has your journey into writing helped you grow as an author?

I’d considered myself to be a good writer and thought I was well prepared to write a novel, but I was so wrong. I had tons to learn and it was fantastic. My brain lit up like a fireworks finale. I could not get enough. That has since led to meeting incredible people and establishing myself as a member of a writing tribe here in Colorado where I feel really comfortable, really at home. I’m also in a position to give back and help new writers, and I enjoy that very much.

What do you think will surprise readers most about “The Rampart Guards” series?

Every cryptid that appears in the book actually exists! At least on the internet. There are numerous sites that follow and discuss the likelihood that certain creatures exist, and many share photos, videos, historical stories, etc. So if a reader is intrigued by any or all of the cryptids, they can Google that cryptid and make the decision for themselves if that particular creature does or does not exist.

What’s your goal when you’re writing for your readers?

I hope my book lights up their imagination. I want to write stories that are fun to read and give the reader a chance to visit another world for a while. It’s great to let your imagination run free and see where it takes you — it’s energizing.

What has been your favorite or most exciting experience as an author to date?

Have I mentioned I can’t pick favorites? And regarding this question, that is definitely true. The entire experience has been one thrill after another. The first time I typed “the end” was amazing, when I found out my story was selected as a finalist in the San Francisco Writers contest I was giddy, the starred review from Kirkus Reviews for “The Rampart Guards” knocked my socks off, the first review from a young reader made me glow inside — and I could go on. Bottom line, being an author makes me happy.

You write such exciting young adult fiction. What advice would you impart to a young, aspiring writer?

When someone criticizes your work, and they will, don’t let that knock you down. Take feedback, good and bad, and use it to your advantage. Learn from it and make changes. That may mean you take classes or workshops to improve your skills, or it may give you more awareness of how your work appears to others versus how you see it, or it could give you insight into something else you didn’t realize you needed. There are a million possible lessons, but I promise none of them are, “You should quit.”

We know writing makes you happy. What else brings delight to your day?

I love the dogs we share our life with: Shea and Boon. They’re both rescues. Shea is our mighty dog. She came to us through the Boulder Humane Society after she’d been transferred from Kansas. Her mom was a stray and was going to be euthanized until they saw how far along she was in her pregnancy. A kind soul fostered her and the puppies until they could all be moved to Colorado where they had a better chance at adoption. And I’m happy to say they all found homes, mom-dog included. And Boon is a sweetheart we adopted from a shelter in Arizona where my mom was living at the time. He’d been there for nearly a year, likely because he looks like he may have some pit bull in him. He’s as sweet as sweet can be and we’re lucky to have him. Boon’s personality and the misinformation about the pit bull breed inspired me to make Finn — a very cool canine character in the Jason Lex series — a pit bull mix.