Psychologist’s four-letter-word-filled breakup survival guide a valuable resource for those looking to get past the bullsh*t

Fenton, MI – Like death and taxes, some things are inevitable — including breakups. Psychologist Dr. Jodie Eckleberry-Hunt is helping readers get over heartbreak and move on with their lives in her new book, “Getting to Good Riddance: A No-Bullsh*t Breakup Survival Guide,” (Turner Publishing, July 26, 2022).

Eckleberry-Hunt, author of “Move on Motherf*cker: Live, Laugh, and Let Sh*t Go,” provides the tools to survive and thrive after a breakup in this empowering, BS-free guide. Packed with a science-based mix of simple exercises and a healthy dose of tough love, this book will help you:

  • Kick pain, shame and fear to the curb,
  • Become an expert in yourself and what you want
  • Progress past just “feeling better” and get to saying “Good riddance, asshole!”

Through professional experiences and examples, along with psychological research and vignettes to explain her points, Eckleberry-Hunt uses her expertise as a relationship therapist to create the ultimate guide to surviving a breakup. This seriously motivational resource utilizes salty straight talk, humor, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness and positivity to get you to growth and recovery.

With topics ranging from grief, to toxic relationships, to finding love, happiness and purpose again, this is an educational and purposeful resource to help anyone in a romantic relationship become healthier overall. Overcome self-defeat, smash the sh*t out of heartbreak and get ready to move on, motherf*cker!

“Getting to Good Riddance: A No Bullsh*t Breakup Survival Guide”
Jodie Eckleberry-Hunt | July 26, 2022 | Turner | Self-Help |
Paperback, 9781684428489, $15.99 | Ebook, 9781684428502 $11.99
Hardcover, 9781684428496, $23.99

Early praise for “Getting to Good Riddance” and Jodie Eckleberry-Hunt

“After a break-up, you probably need a motivational coach, a foul-mouthed best friend, and a wise sage who can guide you in the right direction. In ‘Getting to Good Riddance,’ Jodie Eckleberry-Hunt gives you all three. … This book is perfect for someone who wants to dig deeper and to figure out how to heal while moving forward with courage and clarity. Filled with practical strategies, wisdom from psychological research and questions to prompt deep personal growth, this book is exactly what you need to create more satisfying relationships.” — Lisa Williams LCSW Self Help Bookshelf Podcast

“I have been waiting for a book on getting through a breakup for a long time, and it is worth the wait! … You won’t regret picking up this book for yourself or someone you care about who is struggling with a relationship’s end.” — Heather Kirkpatrick, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist

“A perfect balance of humor, case studies, science and profanity! … Dr. Eckleberry-Hunt designed this book really well by giving case studies to make each topic relevant and follows up with real life strategies for moving on. … This book is relevant to so many situations other than romantic break up — leaving unhealthy friendships, setting family boundaries, work relationships and, most importantly, how to be more self-aware to take good self-care. Dr. Eckleberry-Hunt gives you the skills to own your own sh*tshow and create the life you want!” — Jenny Williams, OT, owner of Innovative Occupational Therapy Solutions

“Real from cover to cover. A rarity to find a resource to provide clients that is rooted in the science of behavior, provides intentional self-compassion and a bonus a spoon full of profanity needed to take the edge off and get to the business of healing. This is a gem, funny to the bone.”
Nicole R. Najar, PsyD, ABPP, Clinical Health Psychologist

“It transcends romantic relationships and is applicable for friendships, family and work relationships. As an introvert who historically struggles with assertive communication, I developed some badass new skills. … This book gave me the good feels, and by the end, I felt the author was my personal positive self-talk coach (foul-mouthed, yet uplifting). For anyone, regardless of current Facebook relationship status, I couldn’t provide a stronger recommendation!” — Kelley Williams, MD

“Dr. Eckleberry-Hunt delivers again with a book full of practical and impactful ways to navigate the breakup process. … Striking a good balance between a strong clinical foundation and relatable examples, ‘Getting to Good Riddance should be required reading for anyone facing the end of a relationship.”
Darren Jones, Ph.D., L.P., Chief of Behavioral Health, Beaumont Health System

Also by Jodie Eckleberry-Hunt

“Move on Motherf*cker”
Jodie Eckleberry-Hunt | Nov. 3, 2020 | New Harbinger
Self-Help | Paperback | 978-1-68403-486-4 | $16.95

“This is an excellent wake-up call for those wracked by self-criticism.” — Publisher’s Weekly

When we’re anxious, stressed, or fearful, the negative voice in our heads can be extremely powerful. It tells us we’re not smart or attractive enough. It berates us for our mistakes. And it keeps us feeling stuck in an endless loop of worry, shame, and hopelessness. But there is a way to shut it down. Blending evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and profanity, this unexpected guide will show you how to respond to your negative inner voice with one very important phrase: Move on, mother*cker!

You’ll learn to manage worry and anxiety, put a stop to unhelpful internal dialogue, and approach new situations with humor, levity, and perspective.

You’ll also find real tools to help you:

  • Set personal and professional boundaries
  • Identify toxic or codependent relationships
  • Become assertive without being aggressive
  • Stop seeking perfection

The book also includes journaling and other self-awareness exercises to help you put MOMF to work every day. So, stop letting your inner voice tear you down! With this fun and effective guide, you’ll learn how to take control of your negative thoughts and get back to living your best life.

“This is an honest-to-goodness self-help book, packed with useful tools and psychological wisdom that will generate results, inside and out.” — Foreword Reviews

“Honest, salty self-talk can be a true balm for anxiety, shame, sadness and despair. So take it from one motherf*cker to another: Move on, and read this book!” Sarah Knight, New York Times bestselling author of “Calm the F*ck Down”

About the Author

Jodie Eckleberry-Hunt is a recovering people pleaser, control freak, worrier and motherf*cker. One thing she knows is that life sometimes hurts, and we can’t run from that. We have a choice of whether or not to deny it or go with it. She’s learned that going with it is a better investment, but we need to laugh while doing it. After more than 20 years of providing counseling services, Eckleberry-Hunt developed the idea of combining cognitive-behavioral techniques, mindfulness techniques and profanity to help people get over themselves with a good belly laugh. She has a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology and is board-certified in health psychology. She has a psychology practice in Michigan where she lives with her husband, two teenage sons and the dog prince, Bacon. She is a human being and a work in progress — just like you. For more info, visit

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In an interview, Jodie Eckleberry-Hunt can discuss:

  • Her background and expertise in psychology and counseling and executive coaching
  • The science behind cognitive behavioral therapy and how to utilize CBT, positive psychology and even cursing to work through whatever life throws at you
  • The myths of love stories and how most breakups stem from an unhealthy understanding of love and what it looks like
  • Finding peace after a breakup and practical steps people can take to move on and find happiness
  • How to set boundaries in a relationship, overcome infidelity, and identify and end things with a toxic partner
  • How to embrace and work through the feeling of grief at the end of a relationship
  • How the advice offered in her books differs from typical self-help books

An interview with Jodie Eckleberry-Hunt

You’ve written other self-help books before. What made you want to write a book focusing on relationships and breakups?

Breakups are a very common presenting complaint of folks I see in my office. I’m always looking for something they can work on at home, but when people are drowning in hurt, it is hard to focus. I wrote this book for folks who want to feel better fast with simple techniques.

How do you use your own personal experiences as a tool throughout the book?

While I do not share many personal relationship stories, I have many that color my perspective. Some stories may or may not be members of my family. I do share a lot of professional experiences, and there are so many similarities in the stories I hear. Most people just want to escape the pain, and they go back to reviewing the good times, but sadly, this just prolongs the pain.

Can you explain what cognitive behavioral therapy is and how it’s used in the book?

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a highly effective and researched method of identifying and counteracting ways we’ve been programmed to see ourselves, the world, and others. That programming shapes the things we say to ourselves on a moment-to-moment basis — that inner voice that shapes our feelings. It is incredibly important to recognize and work to alter self-defeating patterns and self-talk so we can avoid making the same miscalculations over and over. In order to be our best selves, we have to be in our own corner with brutal honesty but also compassion.

Your writing provides self-help with more colorful language. How does cursing and profanity help people psychologically when dealing with pain

Swear words are associated with emotional release in the brain, and using them in a targeted way, especially to induce a little levity, can be so healing. I use swearing to counter guilt, shame and embarrassment. There is a lot of research out there demonstrating how swearing is an effective method of coping with pain. I make it practical and funny even when we don’t feel like we’ll ever laugh again.

What do you hope readers gain from reading the book?

My hope is that folks who read the book will take a deep dive into understanding themselves, especially biases or self-defeating patterns so that they can find the healthy relationships they seek. I also want to share the idea that the experiences folks have with breakups are common. We are not alone in our struggles. What feels like the end of the world may actually be the beginning of a whole new world.

Are you working on any other projects?

As a matter of fact, I have another book, “Badass Stories: Grit, Growth, Hope, and Healing in the Sh*tshow” that will be released in February 2022. It is probably my favorite book of all because I share badass, inspirational stories of overcoming in everyday life. I hope to convey a sense of humanity and authenticity that the average person can relate to, and I hope it is healing for many readers

Last question (because we all want to know): What’s your No. 1 tip for getting over a breakup?

This is such a hard question, but I am going to stick with the challenge. The number one tip is to block all contact and purge the environment so there are no reminders. I don’t know how a person can truly heal in an environment where the hurt triggers are always right there. Friends are essential to this process. (See how I slipped two tips in there?)

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