Beloved fantasy trilogy returns for epic final battle

Fans of “Atlas Six” by Olivia Blake will enjoy this thrilling, mythical adventure

Bell, FL – The much-anticipated finale to The Evorath Trilogy, “The Battle for Erathal” (Free Dragon Press, February 20, 2024) by Joseph P Macolino is a heart-pounding and exciting epic fantasy that will decide the fate of Erathal. 

He just wanted to enjoy this time of peace. But when a familiar evil is unleashed upon the forest of Erathal, will anyone be safe?

Enjoying the time without strife, Irontail works to spread peace and unity throughout the forest of Erathal. Organizing the first ever Festival of Gratitude, he finally feels he is fulfilling his calling as the leader of his centaur village. But his plans are once again hijacked when a familiar villain escapes from imprisonment.

The felite warrior, Tel’ Shira, joins Irontail and the other heroes of Erathal as they plan their counter-offensive. But even her gift of foresight is not enough to prepare her for the upcoming battle against this malevolent foe.

With the future of Erathal on the line, will anyone survive to tell the tale? “The Battle for Erathal” is the thrilling conclusion to the Evorath epic fantasy series. If you like expansive world-building, heart-pounding battle scenes, and heroic fantasy, you won’t want to miss Joseph P Macolino’s epic finale adventure.

“The Battle for Erathal”

Joseph P Macolino | February 20, 2024 | Free Dragon Press LLC | Epic Fantasy 

Paperback, 978-0-9978838-4-8, $16.95 | Ebook, B0CNHHS4FH, $4.99

“The Birth of Death” (Book 1)

Paperback, 978-0997883800, $16.95 | Ebook B01K9PRWQA, $4.99

Lieutenant Artimus Atyrmirid feels unsettled. As a talented archer and head investigator for the kingdom, the pragmatic elf tries to brush aside the flaws others claim are infiltrating his picture-perfect realm. But he senses a shift when a breakthrough in a bizarre kidnapping case puts him face to face with a devilish villain. Mage Savannah Sylvanas is on a personal quest for justice. Delighted to be assigned to the rangers’ top investigative squad, the former druid drives herself hard to impress her new leader. And she’s horrified when their venture into an abandoned dwarven mine ends with half the team’s minds corrupted by a lurking darkness. Journeying to the heart of the forest for answers, the duo discovers deadly strife amongst its people. And though they manage to rouse an avatar of the creator goddess, Artimus and Savannah find themselves on a desperate timeline to stop the land from falling to its doom. With destiny balancing on a knife’s edge, can the mismatched pair survive another day?

“The Rise of Yezurkstal” (Book 2)

Paperback, 978-0997883824, $16.95 | Ebook, B0C6JRCBV4, $4.99

Yezurkstal is more determined than ever to reshape the forest of Erathal in his image. He’s done hiding and ready to lead the dark elves to build a new empire in Erathal. His plan is guaranteed to succeed after he creates a spell to lure unsuspecting humans into his army. Evorath’s heroes are once again called upon to fight. With new allies joining the cause, they unite to stand against the rising evil. But as Yezurkstal’s power increases, time is running out, and the challenge is greater than ever before.  Will Yezurkstal and his undead army prevail over the heroes of Evorath or has he finally met his match? The Rise of Yezurkstal is the thrilling second novel in the Evorath epic high fantasy series. If you enjoy reading about characters everyone loves to hate, mythical creatures, and fantasy worlds, you’ll love Joseph P Macolino’s epic fantasy adventure.

Joseph Macolino has a passion for nature, philosophy, and all things fantasy. An unwavering Christian and self-declared anarchist, he dreams of a future human society where people can truly cooperate and voluntarily exchange ideas, goods, and services. When he’s not writing Evorath, he’s likely outside gardening, spending time watching a show with his family, or reading a book on philosophy. Considering himself a lifelong student of humanity, Joseph enjoys meeting new people and being exposed to new perspectives. He believes each person’s unique gifts can help contribute to stronger communities and hopes his work encourages others to embrace their gifts. Find out more about him at his website.

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In an interview, Joseph Macolino can discuss:

  • The positive influence that fictional characters can have on a person, particularly someone struggling with loneliness
  • How and why he started building his characters and fantasy world
  • The strengths that diversity and perspective differences add to a story
  • The importance of creating flawed heroes who are just normal people struggling with their identity and society
  • The influence of mythology, philosophy, and history on his story-building

An Interview with

Joseph Macolino

1. Can you describe your process for world-building and how these characters and world were created?

History, geography, philosophy, religion, politics, culture, magic systems, and so much more go into creating a believable world. For me, Evorath was built out with a detailed ancient history before I started outlining the thousand years of medieval to modern history I have planned out. The characters sprang up from there, filling in important historical events and key pieces of history with the necessary characters to create interesting stories. Because I am writing across such a long time period, I like to imagine I am writing as a sort of historian, a scribe who has studied personal diaries and journals, followed genealogy, and used all varieties of historical records. Collectively, this is why I refer to the collective works planned within the Evorath universe as The Legacy of Evorath.

2. The trilogy features flawed heroes, who are essentially normal people struggling with their identity and society. What inspired you to stray away from the norm of heroes?

I get tired of reading stories with unbelievable heroes. They say the right thing, do the right thing, and any conflict of conscience is short-lived and the outcome is predictable. In reality, people aren’t like that. I wanted to create a world that was real, people with genuine struggles and personal concerns, so that’s what I did.

3. What challenges did you face when writing from multiple perspectives, and why is it important to write from different points of view?

I write from multiple perspectives because I believe the greatest barrier to communication is a lack of empathy. We are all flawed people with difficult life experiences and personal struggles and biases. It is important to understand this and remember it when interactions with others in daily life. I hope writing from multiple perspectives can help people can an appreciation for these different views and help them find common ground and the patience to understand rather than assume. The greatest challenge in writing from different perspectives can be transitioning from wildly different perspectives, which can often slow down the writing process as you work to keep them distinct.  

4. What mythological and philosophical elements inspired your story-telling style?

I was always fascinated with mythology, Greek mythology being the first major one I got into, followed by Norse and leading to a wide variety of others as I went through high school, college, and through today. There’s also more recent mythology to consider, with works like The Lord of the Rings, video games like Final Fantasy or Elder Scrolls, and television and movie series, all which have their own mythologies. Philosophy plays perhaps an even greater role in the story-telling of Evorath as I spent so much time studying philosophy to help create the world. You’ll find characters rely on those various philosophies and help distinguish the different cultures found in the world. In terms of the greatest influence on me and my story-telling, I would have to cite my own Christian philosophy and voluntaryist ideals.

5. Can we expect anything else from you in your author journey?

Evorath is my primary focus and will likely be the only world I create to such a massive scale. I do have some concepts and ideas for a science fiction series, or perhaps more of a science fantasy. I also have some other fantasy worlds ideas, including some individual novels not part of a larger series. But to be honest, I’m still uncovering new and exciting details about Evorath, so that’s where you’ll find me for the foreseeable future.

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