Kid genius battles time in quest to save the world in author’s action-packed debut middle grade sci-fi novel

Where do you go when time stands still?

CHICAGO – Most kids’ biggest worries are what cereal they’ll have for breakfast or being late to soccer practice. But not David Massie. This 12-year-old has the weight of space and time in his hands in debut author Andrew M. Nehring’s middle grade science-fiction novel, “David Massie and the Quantum Flux” (July 13, 2021).

In this ordinary world of extraordinary technology lies David, a kid genius. After the abrupt disappearance of his older brother, Morgan, David spends his days fending off the class bully and searching deep into Morgan’s past for answers. Then, one rainy day, his world implodes thanks to a mysterious dark armored figure. That fateful encounter triggers a series of alternate realities in which David, his parents, his school, and even society at large continuously morphs into different scenarios each day. But as strange as those realities were, nothing prepared David for time coming to a screeching halt. To return his world to normal, David teams up with a Time Cop named CP. And together, they look to unravel the mystery of the Quantum Flux.

A quick read full of action and adventure — and an ending you won’t see coming — readers will be eager to see just where David’s journey takes him next.

“David Massie and the Quantum Flux”
Andrew M. Nehring | July 13, 2021 | Middle Grade Science-Fiction
Paperback | 9781733384926 | $8.99 | Ebook | 9781733384933 | $5.99

Andrew M. Nehring is the author of David Massie as well as The Corrupted Light Chronicles. Growing up, he was always a very imaginative child who would tend to get lost in these worlds he created for himself. That passion for creativity never stopped. The concept of David Massie came to him after years of being an avid fan of science-fiction. This world that he created draws from both old and new sci-fi concepts.

Andrew has recently graduated from Northeastern Illinois University in the beautiful city of Chicago. Now that he has graduated, he is focused on expanding the worlds of David Massie and also The Corrupted Light Chronicles. For more info, visit

In an interview, Andrew M. Nehring can discuss:

  • His personal journey of overcoming dyslexia and the importance of authoring accessible books to middle schoolers
  • The intersection of Netflix and classic literature like Beowulf inspiring the series
  • How science-fiction leads children to imagine a better future and the importance of exposing children to reading early in life
  • The research involved in crafting a sci-fi novel, as well as interpreting themes and concepts for young readers
  • His plans for the next installment of the series

An interview with Andrew M. Nehring

1. What inspired you to begin writing the book?

The inspiration to write “David Massie and the Quantum Flux” came from my love of the sci-fi genre with media like Star Wars as well as action-adventure like Indiana Jones, all of which I was obsessed with as a kid. That being said, the idea itself came to me one night, when I suddenly thought of a kid stuck in different realities, having to overcome impossible odds. Over time, I expanded that idea into what it is today.

2. Why did you choose to target the book toward middle grade readers?

I feel middle grade to YA is the perfect audience for my books. First, the books themselves aren’t too long, but more importantly, I want them to be a fun adventure that inspires the youth to read. Because I remember when I was a kid, I’d look at these thick novels and feel so overwhelmed.

3. Why is this story so important to you personally?

Like with most authors, my books are like my babies, I want them to grow and succeed. But David Massie holds a special place in my heart because it’s sci-fi, and I love the characters as well as the universe I built.

4. Did you do any kind of special research to help write some of the more scientific parts of the book?

Around the time that I started thinking of “David Massie and the Quantum Flux,” I read about different dimensions or realities, as well as listened to podcasts explaining it. As for other research I did, I pulled from a variety of sources, whether in the sci-fi genre or different genres like action-adventure or even anime.

5. What do you hope readers take away from reading the book?

I want readers to take away a few things. First after they read, I want them to be excited for the next book and curious as to what happens. Second, I want my readers to think back about the fun experience they had reading the book. Finally, with all my books, I want my readers to know that if you lose or make a mistake, like David Massie, you can get through it and find victory through perseverance.

6. So, what’s next for David Massie?

There will be a sequel where the group of CP, David and Rory will travel back in time to ancient Greece, and the plot will thicken as the universe expands. As for the David Massie series itself, I plan for at least five books total.