YA fantasy author is back with new adventure trilogy

Titanian Awakenings takes place 20 years after Titanian Chronicles, following 3 lead characters

“Journey of Destiny” by Leisl Kaberry

Paperback, 978-1480057876, $17.99 | Ebook, 9781480057876, $2.99

Found beyond the Elvin borders, Afeclin, a human child, is taken in and raised by an Elvin King. Now grown and longing to learn about the mystic arts, he embarks on a journey back into a land now unfamiliar. Accompanied by his elvin friend, Wolflang, they leave their homes to seek out their destiny. Unbeknown to Afeclin and Wolflang however, the warlord, Moorlan and his confederate, a dark mage, are preparing to bring war to the peaceful Land of Marrapassa, putting their lives and those they care about, in danger. Readers’ Favorite is calling book one “one of the best fantasy stories I have read in a long time”.

“Ormnhi Moon”

Paperback, 978-1502483461, $15.00 | Ebook, 9781502483461, $2.99

In the five years since Afeclin, Wolflang and Lenna crossed the Tebelligan border, the Warlord’s presence in Marrapassa has strengthened. His trolls and dark knights have inhabited towns and cities, slavery has returned and people are angry and fearful. Adding to their unease, the Dark Mage has grown in power and will stop at nothing to procure the elusive merndaicur shells. Afeclin is sent on a quest in order to uncover the truth, and his abilities and allegiances are put to the test as Afeclin learns to hone in his newly acquired gift. In amongst the darkness and chaos the sign of the foretold chosen one, is upon them: The Ormnhi Moon.

“Child of Prophecy”

Paperback, 978-1694162885, $23.43 | Ebook, 9781694162885, $2.99

A stolen child, a distraught mother, and a desperate race to claim the mystical merndaicur shells, this final installment of the trilogy follows Lenna as she seeks to take back her child, stolen by the Dark Mage and gifted to the Warlord Moorlan for an heir. Afeclin finds himself on an unexpected journey of self-discovery with a unique stranger. Wolflang works to stamp out slavery on the Mainland of Marrapassa with his Scorpion brothers, until a mysterious friend guides him in an alternative direction. But will that be enough to destroy the Dark One before he lays claim to all the merndaicur and brings destruction against the inhabitants of Titania? While all paths seem to lead to Alkarrien, will the three friends from Tebelligan be reunited against their common enemy or be thwarted due to mortal weakness and pride?

More info about the first book in the new trilogy,

“Shadow of Darkness” (October 2023), coming soon.

About the Author

KITIMAT, B.C. Canada:As far as storytelling goes… I was always a writer. As far as writing goes, it took becoming a mother.”

Writing became Leisl’s passion after an inspiration to create led her to write a single chapter in which the world of Titania was born.

An Aussie born and bred, she has lived in a variety of places including the Australian outback and Montreal, Canada. She currently resides in Kitimat, Northern British Columbia with her husband and four children. She has a degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice and works for Victim Services at the local RCMP. She has a brown belt in karate, likes training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and singing karaoke with her mates.

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Praise for

“Titanian Chronicles”

Within this lore lies a tightly told and exciting tale of heroes and the struggles that lie between them and the promise of peace in their lives.”

– Readers’ Favorite on “Ormnhi Moon”

“Child of Prophecy reserves many surprises for readers and it is the kind of story for anyone wanting to escape from the doldrums of everyday life.”

– Readers’ Favorite on Child of Prophecy

The imaginative creatures and races, descriptive imagery, and near-constant adventure make “Journey of Destiny” a very enjoyable book! The world-building is good, and the lead characters are sympathetic and distinctive.  Additionally, there are beautiful charcoal pencil sketches at the beginning and end of each chapter by the artist Kristen Caruana… the “Titanian Chronicles” should appeal to fantasy readers who love a good, clean tale!:”

-InD’Tale Magazine

“Baffling, Breathtaking and Mind Boggling!”

– Amazon reviewer 

“…if you cut aside all the epic fantasy, fabulous beasts, and kings and warriors of legend, what you have is the most profound story of all: the story of a human looking for his place in the world. Leisl Kaberry manages what all fantasy writers strive to do at the beginning of their tale, only to get lost in the thickets of their imagination: to create realistic, believable characters who are human beneath their fantastic names and powers.”

– Amazon reviewer 

“Titanian Chronicles: Journey of Destiny melds elements of Tolkienian fantasy with Potterian whimsicality.”

– Goodreads reviewer

“Titanian Chronicles offered something new to the realm of fantasy – something that’s hard to come by in a genre replete with ‘more of the same’ stories.”

Goodreads reviewer

“Lord of the Rings meets Narnia! Titanian Chronicles is imaginative and beautifully written. Reading Titanian Chronicles was a pleasure as the author has the ability to describe the wonders of Titanian Chronicles with her pen. Every detail has been put into play for a reason.”

– Goodreads reviewer

In an interview, Leisl Kaberry can discuss:

  • How she began her writing journey, even though she never had the intention of becoming an author, and why it took 10 years to write the first book
  • Her passion for fantasy books and how she created the beloved world of Titania, including how traveling to different parts of the world inspired the landscape and terrain of Titania
  • The creation of three-dimensional, loveable characters who come to life on the pages of her books, and how to make them feel rich, full and real
  • The themes of friendship, loyalty, and courage, and the discussion of how our differences may set us apart, but also make us special
  • What’s to come in the world of Titania

An Interview with

Leisl Kaberry

1. You created an entire fantasy world for this series. What inspired you to write this series and build the world of Titania?

It really started from an image (screensaver) on my computer of a massive green moon

overlooking a palm beach and I wondered who would be there sitting on the edge and why. I wrote a chapter about it for fun and by the end of the chapter I had figured out the main plot of Titanian Chronicles. That was just the beginning of the fun of world building… and I never looked back. That original chapter now exists as chapter 2.

2. All of your characters are very three-dimensional and come to life while you’re reading the series. Were any of your characters inspired by people you know in real life?

I’m afraid if they have been it has been accidental. People have always fascinated me. I really like to understand a person’s motivations, good and bad, and the more you understand about people the easier it is to write characters that are believable as they are motivated by believable emotions and influences. I have also done a lot of acting over the years and that informs how I bring a character to life and make them seem real… I think to myself, how would I act this?

3. What drew you to the genre of fantasy?

I never would have thought I would write fantasy, I mean, I loved the genre as a kid but as an adult if I was actually choosing to become a writer I would have gone into crime mystery writing because I absolutely love it. As it happens I had been reading Dragonlance books a lot before I got married and so the combination of that big green moon and my enjoyment of Dragonlance led me in a fantasy direction. Undeniably no regrets though!

4. How do you think your series differs from other fantasy adventure novels?

I think, and I could be wrong, that it is more the focus that I put on the story and the characters rather than focusing on the fantasy aspect of it. What I have written is a story that could exist in any world about love, devotion, adventure, heartache, hardships, crimes… etc but it also happens in a world of my creation and contains mythical animals and magic. Also, each prologue and epilogue are written from the antagonist POV.

5. What do you hope readers will take away from this series and your characters? 

I hope that people will see themselves in one of the characters, that they have imperfections and even though they may try hard, sometimes they fail. I would really like people who read the books to accept that nobody is perfect and everyone can change and grow, that its really not so important about the mistakes (because we all make them) as what you do after.

6. What else is coming for the world of Titania?

Beyond the Titanian Chronicles is Titanian Awakenings which furthers the timeline 20 years into the future where we see children of the original characters have grown and are forging their own paths. The new series follows these secondary characters from the first series on their own adventures, however we see favourites from the first series making an appearance. They are no longer the mains, but they are far from forgotten.

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