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Gritty, twisted novel unravels a complicated mystery stemming from a drug deal in the Midwest

Small-town detective Sasha Frank returns in the prequel to “Deliberate Duplicity” BLOOMINGTON, IL – Fan favorite detective Sasha Frank is back in the highly anticipated series prequel, “Cold Consequences” (River Grove Books, July 27, 2021). The prequel traces the murder of Ashley Cummins, the granddaughter of a powerful judge, who is unexpectedly shot when a […]

Boozy Books 2021: Easy DIY Summer Cocktails Paired with 12 New Books

Boozy Books List 2021  Summer is here, and we’ve created the perfect pairings of this season’s hottest summer reads with cool, delicious summer cocktails! Relax and enjoy with our Boozy Books List for Summer 2021, and share pics of your favorite pairings with us via Instagram and Twitter! The Suffragette + The Accidental Suffragist by […]

Welcome to a world of æther and rust

Los Angeles, CA – Noah Lemelson harmoniously merges unique genres in his new steampunk/apocalyptic/fantasy noir novel. “The Sightless City,” (July 20, 2021, Tiny Fox Press) is the debut novel of an upcoming trilogy, and has already received a First Place Award in the 2019 OZMA Book Awards for Fantasy Fiction. Lemelson places realistic and flawed […]

How Competing Titles Help Sell Your Book

Competition in the publishing industry is a good thing, if you use it to your advantage. You’d never launch a product without first identifying the competition and how they’re reaching their (aka, your) target audience. Likewise, you should never launch a book without a thorough understanding of your competing titles. I actually cringe every time […]

What to read when you’re still thinking about Mare of Easttown

Books you’ll love if you’re still not over Mare of Easttown I don’t know about you, but I became obsessed with Mare of Easttown and came up with all sorts of theories of how it would end. Now that it’s over and all has been revealed, my hunger for thrillers and crime are at an […]

Ask An Expert: Interview with Editor and NYT-Bestselling Author Emily Colin on Why Editing Transforms Writing

As we continue our Ask an Expert series, today on the blog we’re sitting down with New York Times-bestselling author and editor Emily Colin, author of The Seven Sins Series, The Memory Thief, and The Dream Keeper’s Daughter. Emily shares how she brings a story to life through the various stages of editing, and brings […]

Video games spark author’s creative passion and inspire debut novel

To celebrate National Video Game Day, Books Forward author Mark A. Alvarez II is dishing on how one popular game became the catalyst for his creative pursuits and ultimately led to the 10-year endeavor of crafting his first novel. “Why defy your fate?” “Is the will to live that powerful..?” These are words from the […]

Kid genius battles time in quest to save the world in author’s action-packed debut middle grade sci-fi novel

Where do you go when time stands still? CHICAGO – Most kids’ biggest worries are what cereal they’ll have for breakfast or being late to soccer practice. But not David Massie. This 12-year-old has the weight of space and time in his hands in debut author Andrew M. Nehring’s middle grade science-fiction novel, “David Massie […]