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Three Ways the Pandemic Has Changed Book Publicity (For Good)

The Covid-19 pandemic has transformed industries across the world, and book publishing and promotion are no exception. When the U.S. government declared a national emergency in March 2020, our literary publicity team at Books Forward began to work through the rapid, sweeping changes that would define our lives and work until this moment (and for […]

Optimistic sci fi sequel explores complicated relationships on a near-future planet close to climate disaster

Sydney, Australia – Award-winning author Sarah Lahey returns to 2050 Earth with an optimistic second novel in The Heartless Series. Nostalgia is Heartless (She Writes Press, Oct. 26, 2021) continues Quinn Buyer’s journey as she navigates a desolate planet on the brink of destruction while juggling her pregnancy, her depressed meerkat, and her relationship with […]

Baby’s fight for survival, mother’s perseverance inspire in powerful new memoir on infertility and premature birth

OAKLAND, Calif. – Pregnancy can feel scary enough when all things go according to plan, but how much does that fear escalate when you’re told your baby is arriving dangerously early? Author and mother Melissa Harris encounters all that and more, which she details in her breathtaking debut memoir, “One Pound, Twelve Ounces” (Nov. 2, […]

Fear Not: Psychologist’s empowering new book helps readers break free from paralyzing fear, anxiety and worry

Dr. Nancy Stella transcends traditional therapeutic approaches in a new guide to living the life you want CINCINNATI, Ohio – Are you afraid of loneliness or failure, confrontation or facing the unknown? Psychologist Dr. Nancy Stella draws on decades of experience in clinical practice in her new book, “Fear Traps: Escape the Triggers that Keep […]

Incisive, gripping new book explores multi-generational impact of the extremist military dictatorships in Latin America

Award-winning author Tessa Bridal was born and raised in Uruguay, leaving with her family when she was 20. Now, she returns to chronicle the stories of those who disappeared during the country’s political turmoil — following the stories of families, their loss and their resilience in her new book, “The Dark Side of Memory” (Oct. […]

After 10 years of writing, debut author’s mysterious seaside town will enchant readers and keep them hooked till the end

Compelling contemporary novel filled with hope, renewal and a touch of magic Auckland, NZ – After spending nearly 10 years writing, editing, and dreaming, Christopher Parker is making his authorial debut with a page-turning book flowing with love, suspense, mystery, and whimsy. Originating from a short story he created as a child, the result of […]

Ask an Expert: A Conversation with Alex J. Cavanaugh on the Insecure Writers Support Group

Have you ever felt insecure as a writer? You’re not the only one. Today we’re sitting down with Alex J. Cavanaugh to discuss the Insecure Writer’s Support Group, an online community of writers that provides encouragement and advice to one another. 1). How would you describe Insecure Writer’s Support Group to those who are not […]

Self-help title turns the trauma of being fired into opportunity

An expert’s debut empowers women to be resilient after experiencing job loss “a must-read for career-driven people of all genders” –Foreword Clarion Reviews New York, NY – A quick-witted and fast-paced self-help book from debut author and rainmaker, Robin Merle, dives into the emotional trauma of women whose job loss wasn’t part of the original […]