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Award-winning author returns with tense, gritty thriller that explores how well we really know those closest to us

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: In ‘They’re Gone,’ two women’s lives are turned upside down after violent deaths, and both will risk everything to survive the secrets that are uncovered Fairfax, VA — A respected and skilled veteran of the thriller community, E.A. Aymar returns with a new novel written as E.A. Barres. They’re Gone, (Nov. 10, […]

Art, love, redemption converge in music executive’s stunningly poignant novel critiquing masculinity and the millennial generation

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: SAN FRANCISCO – It’s never too late to become who we’re meant to be, or to summon the courage to develop into the person whom we desire to be. Indie record label owner and author Tiffanie DeBartolo’s newest novel, “Sorrow,” (Oct. 20, Woodhall Press) expertly examines this idea through the lenses of […]

What’s your sign? Pair your Zodiac with these stellar books

  Ah, astrology. Whether you’re a casual believer, a devoted birth chart developer, or you think it’s a load of Taurus dung, we all have a sign. And if our Zodiac truly aligns with our personality, that means there’s a book out there that’s just meant to be read by us. Check out this list […]

Indigenous bookstagrammers to follow for National Native American Heritage Month

November is National Native American Heritage Month, and we asked our followers to help us put together a list of Indigenous bookstagrammers you should be following! We also asked them for a book recommendation, so start in November and then #ReadIndigenous all year long. Alexis (@littlelionslibrary) said: “I’d absolutely have to recommend Betty by Tiffany […]

6 Fun Things You Can Do While Procrastinating On Your NaNoWriMo 2020 Novel

NaNoWriMo 2020 is here y’all! Annnd…we’re tired. Like, really tired. Maybe you can relate. Maybe the events of this year have you bursting with pent up angst creative energy, ready to channel all of your insecurity anxiety anger ideas onto the page, allowing yourself to be absorbed by the escapism of writing. Or maybe you’re […]

Teachers: the ultimate book influencers

One thing we are especially thankful for this month: teachers and educators, who are working harder than ever in unprecedented circumstances to make sure kids are learning and happy. These bookstagrammers not only have great taste in books, but they also happen to be influencing the readers of tomorrow!  Jeanell (@jeanellnicolereads) recommends The Wild Robot […]

“Tell Me a Ghost Story:” The Books Forward Team Shares Tales of the Supernatural

Picture this: You’re gathered around the campfire on a crisp October night, s’more in hand, the moon high overhead, when somebody asks: “Does anyone know any good ghost stories?” Chances are that you’ve heard a good ghost story or a creepy urban legend in your time. Perhaps you’ve even had a spectral encounter yourself, or […]

How to write an author bio that stands out

Nothing can strike fear into an author’s heart quite like the author bio. Sure, you may have just finished off the final touches of the next great American novel. But the task of condensing an entire career into a couple short paragraphs is a lot trickier than it may seem. Plus in today’s age of […]