ABCs antics in new children’s board book

Beloved special needs bulldog companion returns in precious series

New Orleans, LA — Children’s book author Michelle Dumont is continuing her adorable young reader’s series with Phoebe Cakes and Friends: An Alphabet Tail (Sept. 13th, 2022, Susan Schadt Press). With illustrations done by architect Jennifer Taylor, Dumont’s new release is sure to capture the attention of curious children. This is the perfect book for dog-loving children ready to learn the alphabet in an amusing way!

Come along with Phoebe and all of her tail-wagging four-legged friends and learn your ABCs one giggle at a time. This board book is especially designed and crafted to stimulate and entertain little learners as they begin their A-Z learning journey.

The previous book in the series, Phoebe Cakes: A Mardi Gras Tail, released earlier this year. Featuring search-and-find flaps for curious young readers, the story focuses on New Orleans during Mardi Gras.

“A perfect gift for your favorite young friend!”
– Amazon reviewer about Phoebe Cakes: A Mardi Gras Tail

Phoebe Cakes and Friends: An Alphabet Tail
Michelle Dumont | Sept. 13th 2022
Susan Schadt Press | Children’s book
Hardcover | 979-8985071306 | $14.95

Michelle Dumont lives in New Orleans with her family and four furry friends. A licensed Respiratory Therapist and Asthma Educator, she began writing following the advice of a friend. Like Phoebe, she loves long car rides, peanut butter and everything New Orleans.

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Phoebe Cakes Dumont is a tiny special needs bulldog living the good life in New Orleans, Louisiana. She has a serious love for peanut butter and car rides. Her early life wasn’t so easy, but that all changed when she met my foster mom, Clare, at the New Orleans Bulldog Rescue. She helped Phoebe get back on her feet and on her way to finding her fur-ever home. Phoebe took her time. She sniffed, she snorted and turned up her wet nose. She’d almost given up until the day she met Michelle. Michelle was the twenty-first person to apply for Phoebe’s adoption, and Phoebe now calls her mom, but Michelle calls herself LUCKY #21.

Jennifer Zoe Taylor was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, and currently resides Uptown with her family, two mischievous feline friends, and an axolotl named Jade. A licensed Architect, artist, and filmmaker, she loves to tell stories.

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In an interview, Michelle Dumont can discuss:

  • The importance of reading to young children
  • Writing with young readers in mind
  • Crafting a series for young readers
  • How she began writing children’s books
  • Why she chose to center her book series around her dog, Phoebe
  • How Phoebe has changed her life for the better, and the life of her family members
  • The benefit of dogs specifically for those with mental health struggles

An Interview with Michelle Dumont

Why is it important that children are read to, especially at such a young age?

I think it is important to make learning fun at an early age. Your imagination can take you to great heights. A healthy imagination builds confidence and a love of learning.

Why did you decide to write a book featuring your dog, Phoebe Cakes, as the main character?

I had been researching ideas for a children’s book for a couple of years. I love Mardi Gras, so I entered Phoebe in the Barkus Parade. I dressed her up in purple, gold and green and turned a red wagon into a carnival float. Phoebe loved every minute of the parade. She was the center of attention. Kids flocked to rub and hug her. I was writing the book in my head as we walked the parade route through the French Quarter.

How did you come to adopt Phoebe? How has she changed your life?

I have another bulldog named Fritz. I wanted him to have a companion. I thought it would be pretty easy to adopt from the local bulldog rescue. Well, everyone else in New Orleans had the same idea. The adoption wait list was very long. Along with Fritz I was in need of a happiness boost.

A few years earlier my son had developed severe depression. It was a long and difficult journey in getting him help. I didn’t realize the toll it was taking on me. I’ve had a long career in healthcare. I could help everyone else but I couldn’t seem to help him.

After about a year and half of stalking the New Orleans Bulldog Rescue website, one day I came across this adorable smiling face and I thought to myself that’s my dog. I was the 21st person to apply for her adoption. That’s how I became lucky number 21. The day she came to live with us something changed. She brought an injection of happiness and fun that had been missing. Never underestimate the power of a furry friend.

Why did you write a book specifically for young readers?

My daughter loved books from an early age. She would pat the seat beside her and say…now. It was very endearing and always made me laugh.

What have you learned about writing as you have crafted this series?

I started taking class through the New Orleans Writers Workshop about four years
ago. Everyone has their own style and technique they use while crafting a story. The key is to find what works for you.

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