New Book Fuses Spirituality and Science in Key Answers to Finding Purpose, Empowerment, and the Afterlife


MEMPHIS, Tennessee – Inspired by two life-changing transcendental experiences, Paul Corson made it his mission to explore the deepest mysteries of life and the afterlife. Now he’s fusing both spirituality and rational science in a groundbreaking examination of who we are, where we come from, and where we’re going at life’s end in his new book, “Regaining Paradise: Forming a New Worldview, Knowing God, and Journeying Into Eternity” (July 21, 2020).

Corson invites the reader away from a life of restless consumerism and unfulfillment, and toward a journey of self-discovery that illuminates answers to life’s biggest questions: What is reality? What is consciousness? How do we discover our best selves? Do we have free will? What happens after we die? Most importantly, is there a God, and if so, what is the nature/role of this infinite force?

Accessible and engaging, here is a guided journey into self-knowledge, identity, empowerment, and sublime understanding that will open the mind’s eye while sharpening the intellect, a journey to personal fulfillment that bestselling spiritual author Dr. Larry Dossey called an “enormous consolation and inspiration to anyone fortunate enough to read it.”


Corson’s description of his otherworldly experiences have been featured in The Philadelphia Inquirer, and on local and national TV. As a pharmacist, Corson established a protocol for the treatment of HIV/AIDs. He received the 2000 Philadelphia Hero Award for his contributions in supporting AIDS survivors. Learn more by visiting his website at


“Regaining Paradise: Forming a New Worldview, Knowing God, and Journeying Into Eternity”

Paul Corson 
July 21, 2020
Genre: Spirituality

Hardcover: $33.99 | Paperback: $20.99 | Ebook: $4.99



In an interview, PAUL CORSON can discuss:

  • The transcendental experiences he had at age 10 and age 50 which opened his mind to a higher spiritual power and the true nature of self-discovery
  • How a consumerist society promises self-knowledge and fulfillment–and then by its very nature undermines those promises
  • The necessity of supporting faith and spirituality with rational intellect and scientific knowledge
  • Exploring the nature of the afterlife, and the sublime paradise we experience both before we are born and after our lives end
  • Exploring the nature of God, and the ways in which God can be explored through various religions, spiritual exploration, and scientific inquiry
  • Exploring the nature of consciousness, reality, free will, and energy

An Interview with PAUL CORSON

Can you please describe the transcendental experiences you had at age 10 and age 50 that inspired your current spiritual exploration?

For perspective, my parents were agnostic atheists, as was I, that is, before my transcendent experiences. At both age 10 and age 50, I received distinct messages in my mind that foreshadowed what would happen. At 10 I was led to leave my body and experience the condition of infinity. A moment in time later, I left my body again and was transported to a place beyond the material level: a peaceful, blissful realm.

At age 50, I received a recurring mind message that led to a series of events in which I experienced the place I was in at age 10, and from there I was transported into the white light. At that point I awoke because of the overwhelming intensity of the unconditional love in Heaven.

Still, I felt disappointed because I did not enter into the light. But I was certain that would happen. I just needed to place my trust in the celestial process.

Within a week and I half, upon lying down for the night I entered the white light. I met my deceased father and received an overview of Heaven. I understood in both broad strokes, and also in detail, what I will be experiencing in Heaven.

What are the greatest obstacles to self-discovery and spiritual understanding in our modern, consumerist society?

Vance Packard’s Hidden Persuaders, published in 1967, explained how the advertising industry employs psychoanalytical techniques to sell products. In the past fifty years these techniques have been vastly refined by advertisers, who are driven to increase the bottom line of the corporations that employ them.

From the sixties on the programming of the mind has been unrelenting. In 1988 the late physicist Willis Harman published Global Mind Change in which he observed: “We are literally hypnotized from infancy to perceive the world the way our culture perceives it.”

Wait a minute we may say, are you telling me we’re being brainwashed?

The subtlety of brainwashing or mind control makes the recipient unaware of this intrusion, because this is all taking place on the unconscious level.

The culture of Western society is based on consumerism, which leads us to believe that ownership of the latest and best will lead to satisfaction, contentment. This message is in the air we breathe: it is repeated and reinforced.

The quest for spiritual understanding is derided as being mumbo jumbo by the architects, the movers and shakers of society. It’s inferred that this quixotic quest will divert us from our calling: to revere and attend to our material identity. That’s how we’ve been wired since the time we were young children.

To put it simply: we need to be rewired, which is easier said than done, because the mind resists, both tooth and nail. Ultimately, if the wiring is done tactically with care and delicacy, we can change our priorities. We can heed the ancient Greeks in the sixth century B.C.E. who etched into the stone that formed the archway of the temple of Apollo at Delphi, “Know thyself and thou wilt know the universe and the gods.”

Knowing who we are at our core leads to knowing the god force that created us and the universe.

Some view “faith” and “science” as mutually exclusive. Why do you believe it’s important to support faith / spirituality with rational, scientific inquiry?

Faith and science: Faith is an emotional feeling of trust and certainty, driven by any number of factors, one being an intuitive knowing. Rational, scientific facts are observable, repeatable, and appeal to our intellect, the sensible guardian that we’ve trusted will lead us to truths.

Faith is pulling us in one direction, while the intellect is pulling us vigorously in the opposite direction. In this regard, we’re conflicted, and rightfully so. How can we resolve this matter?

To grasp the all-causative nature of infinity, the intellect will have to reconcile a matter that is essentially beyond its capacity for rational thought. For this to happen, the intellect will have to acknowledge its limitations…but nevertheless yield and reluctantly take it in for review.

Once the intellect has conditionally accepted the separate value of non-empirical evidence, its shift in position opens us to the value of higher intuition; this energizes the human will to exert itself in an endeavor it has been given license to pursue.

How do we resolve the paradox of creation and thus that which is essentially beyond common comprehension?

Faith. The seemingly ‘untraversable’ can be bridged by the power of faith. This is not blind faith in a creed or scripture. Faith, in this case, is a leap of understanding, grounded in higher intuition that is conditionally endorsed by the intellect. Faith allows us to make a further ‘leap.’ Faith grounded in reason allowed me to take this next step in understanding. It can do the same for you.

How can a deeper understanding of the spiritual forces at work in the world (and beyond) benefit one’s personal sense of identity, fulfillment, and empowerment?

Our spiritual sense of self can be heightened when we acknowledge the myth of materiality: “The material cloak—the matter and energy that comprise the body—is not the invincible all-providingness we had believed it to be. That could be emotionally dispiriting because we are likely to believe that life itself and, correspondingly, conscious awareness, the “soul” of who one is, is somehow unexplainably packaged with the matter and energy of the body.

Giving thought to what has been presented, we may consider that consciousness, the scintillating living moment of awareness we experience, might not be a product or by-product of a material process as materialists insist. Instead, consciousness and life itself is an expression of the ‘magical part’ that derives from the otherworldly causal realm.

If we are to embrace the knowledge of our ultimate origin, our true heritage, we must shatter, bit by bit, the timeworn myth that materiality has mystical powers and is preeminent.

Understanding that at our most basic level we are radiating orbs of (divine) energy that is part of an infinite, all-creative source, impacts the way we identify with ourselves and relate to all people. We recognize that we share the same heritage, that we’re all sustained by the same force; we’re linked as cosmic brothers and sisters.

What is the most important thing you hope readers learn from ‘Regaining Paradise’?

The way we interact with people reflects the way we see ourselves on the most fundamental level of our existence. You may believe that you have a fairly good sense of who you are. When you pass by a mirror you may neaten your hair a touch and continue with your day. That’s nothing unusual; I can relate to that, you might think. But, if you see only the image of your self-reflection on those occasions, then you have been missing something truly significant; you have not seen yourself in your entirety. To be more direct, we have an unalienable right to know who and what we are—to know about the unseen ‘better half’—the magical part that enables us to function as conscious, thinking individuals with free will.

The magical half: Consciousness that is weightless and spaceless, did not obtain from the matter and energy, or from the natural forces in the universe since that would be a violation of the most basic universal laws of conservation. By reason that leaves open only one possibility: the life force and consciousness became imbedded into this level by a higher level force from an otherworldly level.

That means, we’ve all received that magical touch, which by definition means we’re veritable miracles. Realizing the sublime divineness that radiates at our very core will motivate us to express ourselves in accordance with that identity.

Praise for  “Regaining Paradise”

“‘[Regaining Paradise]’ resonates deeply with my own views. I am confident, based on what we know about the nonlocal nature of consciousness, that some form of immortality is not optional but is mandated. Paul obviously realizes this and is bold and erudite in asserting it. This book will be of enormous consolation and inspiration to anyone fortunate enough to read it.”

–Larry Dossey, M.D, Author of ‘One Mind: How Our Individual Mind is Part of a Greater Consciousness’ and ‘Why It Matters’ (Hay House, 2013).

“Paul Corson presents a unique, intuitive look at eternal questions: creation, infinity, and what happens after we die…Against the background of scientific thought and rational perspective, Corson further addresses the importance of enlightened spirituality, while successfully avoiding the traps that diminish the value of most religious traditions. He recognizes the power of what we all share, and successfully creates a perspective that allows our differences to exist without causing dissension and turmoil. His vision of the world we could create if we are able to adopt this perspective carries the power of hope for our future.”

–Marc D. Baldwin, Ph.D. in American Literature.

“In this expansive book ‒ combining science, physics, logical reasoning, and intuition ‒ Paul Corson bids the reader to step outside their usual range of experience and journey with him to the limits of the cosmos. The ideas set forth here are clearly and successfully articulated and thoroughly referenced.”

–Bill Reinsmith, Ph.D., award-winning essayist and Professor of Philosophy at the Philadelphia University of the Sciences authored ‘A Harmony Within: Five Who Took Refuge: A Study in Creative Withdrawal’.

“This book is a brilliant explanation concerning the mysteries of our existence. Corson’s observations are backed by science as well as reason. He addresses the transcendent realm not from the platform of Earth, but from a place beyond the circle of the universe. Corson’s unique perspective recognizes the suprauniversal factors beyond universal time that are genesis for our material existence as well as the source of our spiritual immortality. His genius lies in explaining the origin and nature of universal time and its infinite source. For those who seek answers to existential questions of purpose and meaning, and whether there is actually an Other Side, I highly recommend this book.”

–Wanda Woodward, Ph.D. Philosophy. Author of The Anatomy of The Soul: An Authentic Psychology and The Human Soul: An Ontological Exegenesis of Transcendence

“Having read Paul Corson’s book, ‘Touched by God,’ I was eager to read his current book and was not disappointed. In it he expands upon his scientifically based theological studies which, while complicated to a non-scientist like myself, are well worth taking the time and effort to grasp. His writing is intelligent and inspired ‒ enough to make an agnostic such as myself reconsider my philosophy of life and find hope for a compassionate and meaningful universe.”

–Jamie Brambly, Director of the Fulton County Regional Library, McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania