Simple and soulful self-care for the healthy, inspired life you want to live

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Florida – Jet Widick and Kristen Alden’s new guide to healthier living challenges its readers to take the first step to bettering their physical and emotional health.

It’s getting more and more difficult to lead healthy lives. A tsunami of confusing self-help books, panacea superfoods and cleanses all claim to hold the key to your perfect life. In a world full of false claims who better to trust than yourself? Widick and Alden give you the map to pilot your own health route in Gluten Free Soul Pilot.

Straightforward and simple, Gluten Free Soul Pilot uses well researched principles and proven practices to guide readers through a personal “flight route”. A personalized plan that targets your individual needs to achieve better physical, spiritual, and emotional health.

Jet Widick, the author and poet behind the popular Gluten Free Sage blog, is a wellness expert and advocate for Celiac Disease who has worked to share her story in hopes that others will find inspiration and a simple path to wellness. Jet, a nickname her sons bestowed her once she identified her illness and discovered pure wellness, has seen creative endeavors blossom since she published her first three collections of poems.

Kristen Alden is an independent creative consultant and graphic designer with over 15 years’ experience in broadcasting, marketing and communications, and brand development for nonprofits, small businesses and entrepreneurs. Throughout her years as a creative and communications expert, her passion for health and wellness has inspired her to be a part of projects whose missions were to help others better themselves. She believes that great design has the power to educate, inspire and ignite change.


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Jet Widick & Kristen Alden | November 8, 2018 | NorthCoast Post
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In an interview, Jet and Kristen can discuss:

  • Why it’s getting harder than ever to achieve a healthy lifestyle
  • Jet’s battle with Silent Celiac and how bouncing back changed her life
  • What it means to be your own Soul Pilot
  • How Jet’s experience as a poet has factored into the creation of this book


AuthorPhotoJetAn Interview with Jet Widick & Kristin Alden

What inspired the two of you to create this project?
We’ve been working on Jet’s website for three years and continuously receive positive feedback on how we’ve inspired and helped many people navigate their health and well-being around a food-related illness or celiac diagnosis, as well as the encouragement to turn the website into a self-care book. We created Gluten Free Soul Pilot from the solid principles and proven practices that each of us discovered in our own respective wellness journeys to make a difference in the world. We believe that one cannot achieve wellness if the environment around you isn’t healthy. These complicated messages all around us have inaccurately shaped our personal relationship with food and our perceptions on wellness. They compete with our instinctive desire to do something so simple and enjoyable: to eat. And, if you’re not well because of your diet and habits, then it’s hard to feel good, live joyfully, and be inspired. When you nourish your body, you feed your soul. We know that!

What did the process for making the book look like? How did you go about organizing so much information?
The website was done first over the course of several years of weekly goals and meetings, which is where much of the inspiration and information comes from. We’ve also worked together on three prior books and on Jet’s poetry and author website, so this new book came from a rock-solid foundation, a shared work ethic and list of core values, and the implementation of a step-by-step plan, which is necessary to get any job done. Kristen’s artful eye, research and investigative skills coupled with Jet’s hands-on celiac experience and poetic way of looking at the world have been organized and tied together making this a complementary, collaborative effort since the first day we started working together. We each have a deep respect for what the other brings to the process and give each other the creative “air space” we need to put our ideas into action. Because we’ve navigated all of our projects from separate locations—Kristen lives in Atlanta and Jet in South Florida—the regular meetings and benchmark dates are a vital part of the process. From our bigger goals, we worked backwards and broke the deliverables down into smaller, weekly action items. With our weeks all planned out, we then created a list of all the things needed to get done in a day.

AuthorPhotoKristinIf there were one primary message you wanted to come across in this book, what would it be?
Everyone can feel well, hit their goals, and be the person they know in their heart they came here to be. Whether you are aware of them or not, you have values for every part of your life. Like a compass, our core values keep us on course. You can find your True North by discovering your core values, true desires, and creating the habits that point yourself in the direction of how you want to feel, live, and love each day. It’s much simpler than we think.

What’s the first thing I should do to become a Soul Pilot?
A wonderful starting place: Make self-care a priority. Give yourself the nutrition, sleep, and sacred space that is essential for you to discover your core values and pay attention to how you want to feel. Learn how to be fully present so you can nourish your soul with exactly what it needs.