New thriller offers genre-defying romance, revenge, and faith


Award-Winning Author Catherine Finger’s Latest in Thriller Series Offers Genre-Defying Romance, Revenge, and Faith

Award-winning author Catherine Finger continues to shatter the limits of both suspense and faith genres with the explosive third installment of her Jo Oliver thriller series that promises “murder with a message,” Anchored by Death (Elk Lake Publishing, Inc., Paperback, $14.99, June 2017). She seamlessly blends the genres of thriller, romance, and faith together in her Jo Oliver Thriller series.

Like her heroine Police Chief Jo Oliver, DR. CATHERINE FINGER is committed to protect and serve. But instead of handcuffs and handguns, she uses her wit and wisdom as a high school superintendent and church and community volunteer in northern Illinois. Her second Jo Oliver thriller, Shattered by Death, was a finalist in the International Book Awards and National Indie Excellence Awards. Anchored by Death is the third novel in her Jo Oliver thriller series. Learn more at




Anchored by Death

PressKitBookCover-anchoredAnchored by Death follows Cleansed by Death and award-winning Shattered by Death in the Jo Oliver Thriller series, and brings non-stop action with a satisfying ending.

Praise for Anchored by Death

“Catherine Finger has done it again. In this next installment of the Jo Oliver Thriller, Anchored by Death, Ms. Finger paints a picture so vivid, so real, you won’t believe you’re not in the Midwest. The issues Jo Oliver muse face are raw and real, but not too much for a great God to overcome. Hang onto your seat and enjoy the read!”
— Toni Shiloh, author of Buying Love

“Author Catherine Finger is at her best in book 3 of the Jo Oliver thriller series. Murder, non-stop action, and a satisfying ending. Anchored by Death has all the twists and turns you’ve come to expect from this superb writer.”
— William Nikkel, Amazon bestselling author of the Jack Ferrell Adventure series




A conversation with Catherine Finger

What drives Jo Oliver?
Jo Oliver seeks to make sense of her rapidly changing life and to find a place in a world that has transformed around her. As she struggles through challenges, she experiences personal renewal and restoration. Embracing the loving community she has built in her life ultimately leads her to a vibrant life of faith and adventure.

You’ve created a tension between your characters and how they experience brokenness in this world. What conditions cause one to become better, and another to become embittered by similar circumstances?
We get to choose our response to our lives and to decide who and what will shape our attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. My story presents exaggerated external realities that give my characters an opportunity to choose to become better, more loving people—or not.

What is your primary message conveyed in your story?
Renewal-restoration-redemption. It’s really the message of The Cross—with a few twists thrown in!

Josie seems to be faced with some overwhelming odds. Who is her main enemy and what is her primary struggle?
Part of Josie’s struggle is with herself. She has to grow enough to shed some distorted thinking that holds her back from becoming the woman she was uniquely created to be. The difficulty of the journey serves to strengthen her to be able to walk into the renewed version of herself as her personal transformation progresses. While her flesh and blood enemies include a serial killer, she also faces periods of intense spiritual warfare.

Who is going to really love this book? Is there a primary audience? Multiple audiences, why?
I think anyone who loves a good thriller with a spiritual kick will really love this book. My characters are gritty, imperfect, human beings grappling with the vagaries of life. I write with a soft spot for anyone who has faced loss and found beauty in the new growth left behind as the old grass withers away.

What new twists can fans expect from book three?
Hold onto your hats Jo Oliver fans—stuff happens in book three! Anchored by Death springs from my love of the outdoors in general and all-things Wisconsin. I kept referring to it as a ‘romp through Wisconsin’ to my friends as I was writing it and I hiked, biked, and kayaked every route along the way. I love, love, love the ending and the surprising addition of a bold new character—Lisa Bhatt. Writing this book was a sensory pleasure for me and I hope I’ve conveyed the richness of the Wisconsin landscape along with the complexities of the human heart.