‘Shark Tank’ winner & Prep Expert founder helps students ace new Digital SAT and win huge scholarships

Entrepreneur helped students win $100 million in scholarships– and now he’s helping them win $1 billion more 

LAS VEGAS, Nevada– Since appearing on ‘Shark Tank’ and striking an investment deal with businessman and TV personality, Mark Cuban, #1 bestselling author Dr. Shaan Patel, MD, MBA has turned Prep Expert into the industry leader of SAT and ACT preparation. In anticipation of the SAT going digital for the first time in March 2024, Dr. Patel is helping students raise their SAT scores and win huge scholarships with his new guide, “Prep Expert Digital SAT Playbook: Winning Strategies to Achieve Your Dream Score” (Prep Expert, March 3, 2024).

“If you want to get scholarships, if you want to get financial aid, if you want to reduce your cost of college, Prep Expert is the only way to go!” 

–Mark Cuban, businessman & ‘Shark Tank’ TV Star

  • March 9th, 2024: the SAT is going digital, the biggest change to it in almost 100 years
  • Two million students take the SAT every year
  • The transition from a paper-based to digital format marks a huge change to the college entrance exam
  • In high school Patel raised his own SAT score 640 points from average to perfect, and received more than $500,000 in college scholarships
  • Prep Expert has helped over 100,000 students improve test scores, get into top colleges, and win $100 million in scholarships
  • Prep Expert Digital SAT Playbook focuses all of Patel’s results-driven expertise into the definitive guide for helping students ace the new Digital SAT and win scholarships 
  • $1 Billion Scholarship Mission: Over the past decade, Prep Expert has helped students win over $100 million in scholarships. Over the next decade, Prep Expert has an even bigger mission: help students win over $1,000,000,0000 in scholarships!

“Prep Expert Digital SAT Playbook: 

Winning Strategies to Achieve Your Dream Score”

Shaan Patel | March 3, 2024 | Prep Expert | Test Prep

Hardcover, 978-1-5445-4528-8, $47.99 | Paperback, 978-1-5445-4527-1, $37.99

Audiobook, 978-1-5445-4525-7, $19.99 | Ebook, 978-1-5445-4526-4, $9.99

DR. SHAAN PATEL, MD, MBA: In high school, Shaan Patel was like many of the students reading “Prep Expert Digital SAT Playbook.” He was a good student who got As and Bs. However, he was a poor standardized test-taker. Shaan had a lot of test anxiety, had no idea how to prepare for standardized exams, and received only an average score on his first SAT. 

After spending hundreds of hours studying for the SAT in high school, Patel raised his SAT score 640 points from average to perfect. Only 0.02% of all high school students achieve a perfect SAT score. Patel’s perfect SAT score completely changed his life. He received admission to top universities and received over $500,000 in scholarships and awards.

Now, Patel has created Prep Expert to help high school students achieve their own dreams. The education company has helped more than 100,000 students improve their SAT and ACT scores, get into top colleges, and win over $100 million in scholarships. Prep Expert offers online SAT and ACT courses, academic tutoring, and college admissions consulting.

Patel completed his Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree at the University of Southern California, Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Yale University, Medical Degree (MD) at the University of Southern California, and dermatology residency at Temple University Hospital. He is a board-certified dermatologist who practices teledermatology, and as the Founder and CEO of Prep Expert, Patel closed a deal with Mark Cuban on ABC’s Shark Tank for an investment in the company.

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Testimonials for Prep Expert: 

“After taking Prep Expert, my SAT score improved 300 points and I got a full tuition scholarship offer to the University of San Diego worth over $100,000! I highly recommend Prep Expert!” 

–Alexis Hilts, Miss Nevada 2018

“I improved my SAT score 390 points, much higher than I expected; raising my SAT score through your program made a world of difference. I was accepted to Stanford!”

–Julia Espero, Accepted to Stanford

“After both my son and daughter took Prep Expert SAT courses, my son improved 260 points and my daughter 340 points, and both got full ride scholarships worth $500,000!”

–Ami Vaughn, Parent of 2 High School Students

In an interview, Dr. Shaan Patel can discuss:

  • What inspired him to create a company and resources to support students obtain their dreams of higher education
  • How Dr. Patel spearheaded Prep Expert with just $900 of extra scholarship money out of his college dorm room 
  • How Prep Expert has helped over 100,000 students improve test scores, get into top colleges, and win $100 million in scholarships
  • His success and tenacity as a 34 year old who has authored 15+ books on test prep, entrepreneurship, and self help
  • Why he’s invested in aiding students in winning scholarships and his upcoming mission to help students win $1 billion in scholarships
  • His journey to publication after overcoming over 100 rejections from literary agents and publishers on his first SAT prep book proposal

An Interview with

Dr. Shaan Patel, MD, MBA

1. What inspired you to create Prep Expert? How did you turn $900 into the leading industry standard for SAT courses and preparation? 

I never planned to start a test prep company. Instead, I just wanted to write an SAT prep book to help students change their scores to change their lives. But after my first book proposal in 2010 was rejected by 100+ literary agents and publishers, I decided to use the material I had worked so hard to write to instead create Prep Expert. In the first SAT course I ever taught, my students had an average SAT score improvement of 376 points, which is equivalent to going from the 50th percentile to the 90th percentile. Now, over the past 13 years, Prep Expert has helped over 100,000+ students improve their SAT or ACT scores, get into top colleges, and win over $100 million in college scholarships. In addition, I have also sold over 100,000 test prep books. Moral of the story: when you initially face rejections, don’t give up – keep working to produce value and the marketplace will reward you for it! 

2. How is “Prep Expert Digital SAT Playbook” different from other SAT guides? 

Prep Expert Digital SAT Playbook reveals the step-by-step blueprint to maximize your SAT score. Dr. Shaan Patel has helped over 100,000 students improve their own SAT scores using the methods in this book. Unlock perfect-score strategies for every section of the SAT. Learn secrets to solve the toughest questions. Discover how to read passages faster and identify phrases that are always incorrect. Master how to solve algebra problems without doing any algebra. Prep Expert Digital SAT Playbook delivers powerful techniques to ensure the academic success of every student!

3. Why does the SAT’s shift to a digital platform matter to students, families, and educators? 

The SAT may be the most important test of your life. Your SAT performance impacts your college acceptances. It affects your scholarship opportunities. Your SAT score even influences consideration from “test-optional” universities. High school doesn’t prepare you for the SAT. Many who perform well in high school score poorly on standardized tests. That’s about to change. The SAT has been a paper-based exam for 100+ years. The new shift to a digital platform presents many new challenges that students and educators must prepare for. Prep Expert Digital SAT Playbook will help students, parents, families, and educators become fully prepared for test day!  

4. Tell us more about your initiative to win $1 billion dollars in scholarships for students, why are you so personally passionate about this mission? 

College tuition costs continue to skyrocket. The average cost of attendance for a public in-state university is over $100,000 and a private out-of-state university is over $200,000. Student loan debt is also at an all-time high, nearing $2 trillion in the United States. But there is good news! You can reduce or even eliminate your college costs with scholarships. There are over 1.7 million private scholarships awarded each year worth over $7.4 billion. Achieving good grades and a high SAT score will help you get a share of those scholarships. Prep Expert’s motto is Change Your Score, Change Your Life. Over the past decade, Prep Expert has helped students win over $100 million in scholarships. Over the next decade, Prep Expert has an even bigger mission: help students win over $1,000,000,0000 in scholarships! 

5. What have you learned working alongside businessman and Shark Tank TV personality, Mark Cuban? 

Mark Cuban has been an amazing investor, partner, and advocate for Prep Expert over the past 8 years. He has provided strategic direction, negotiated business partnerships, and made key introductions. Even though Mark Cuban is one of the most famous businessmen in the world, he always makes time to help his Shark Tank entrepreneurs like myself. I can email Mark at any time of the day, and expect a response within minutes! It’s actually incredible. From Mark, I have learned how to manage my time more effectively, the power of saying “no”, and always making sure I am doing right by our customers and employees as a business owner. I have been lucky  to have had Mark Cuban as a business advisor and mentor over the years and it’s been an amazing partnership. I have  even had the opportunity to co-author books together, co-invest in investment deals together, and co-host entrepreneurship panels together. Mark Cuban also vouched for me for INC Magazine’s 30 Under 30 and told TMZ that he sees me as the “next Mark Cuban”. You can see the clip from TMZ here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pvr98moBw-cwwy2EFcSBTAgczUb6dZvt/view 

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