Former Vet Nurse pens poignant children’s book on compassion and second chances

One beagle’s journey thoughtfully sheds light on the reality of animal neglect

Colorado Springs, CO – W.B. Murph is a real-life silly Beagle who loves whispering his story ideas to his faithful, former veterinary nurse human. Together, pet and owner have created a heartfelt new children’s picture book that confronts the importance (for animals and humans) of love and care despite perceived flaws, fears, and failures. “Molly’s Miracle: A Chosen Dog, Not a Broken Dog” (November 7th, 2023, National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week) takes young readers on an adventure of hope and second chances with lovable Beagle Molly, inspired by real events. This emotionally-charged TAIL teaches young readers to love and respect our beloved four-legged friends, and that what makes us different is what makes us special.

“Everyone has to be a bit broken, because that’s how the love gets in.”

About the book: Molly has been abandoned by a cruel owner, left alone to fend for herself in the streets. She is hurt, she is hungry, and most of all, Molly is unloved. She tries to make friends but everywhere she goes, she is turned away, treated harshly, told to leave. When all hope is lost, Molly meets her miracle…a girl whose very special gift is just what Molly needs to see the value in herself.  Molly’s Miracle is a story of love, acceptance, kindness, and the light that shines in everyone – no matter their circumstance. 

Molly’s Miracle

W.B. Murph | November 7, 2023 | Children’s Picture Book

Paperback | 979-8-9882462-0-6 | $9.99 

Hardcover | 979-8-9882462-1-3 | $18.99 


W.B. Murph  is a 5 year old Beagle living his best life in Colorado. He whispers story ideas to his ever-faithful, former veterinary nurse human, who writes them down, as Beagles are not so very good at holding a pencil. Murph’s stories focus on children from all circumstances, with all abilities, and their less-than-typical dogs. Murph tells tales of love, acceptance and equality for all because when we learn to love our differences we start to live our best lives – just like Murph! Find out more about them at their website.

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In an interview, W.B. Murph and

his human can discuss:

  • Their hope in teaching the responsibility of caring for animals, and reminding people that pets should never be purchased or adopted on a whim
  • The reality of animal neglect throughout our world, and how we can start small to make a big difference
  • The decision to make Molly have a missing leg, and how what makes us different makes us special
  • Their human’s experience as a veterinary nurse, and how it lead them both to write about the value of pet ownership
  • How Jacob Frey animated short “The Present” has inspired their writing and mission

An Interview with

W.B. Murph and his human

1. How do you hope to teach young readers the responsibility of caring for animals with this book?

The time to think section gives children a chance to reflect on the story, answer questions in their own mind, and gets them reflecting on how animals are treated. Having an animal main character assists in making the feelings and thoughts of animals accessible, anthropomorphizing a concept that can be somewhat unknown to children. 

2. In what ways do you think this story will make young children not only learn to treat animals with respect, but also feel seen and comforted in their own adversities?

Both main characters (Molly the Beagle and Mandy) have faced and ultimately overcome adversities. Lessons in Murph’s books are intended to be subtle, and allow children to draw their own conclusions. I believe the conclusion to be drawn here is “If Molly is OK, maybe I can be as well.” 

3. When writing this story, how did you go about balancing Molly’s struggles (her leg amputation) with her triumphs (finding Mandy)?

It was important to me that the story ended on a very positive and hopeful note, so the logical place for Molly’s struggles was at the beginning of the story. The trick in balancing a serious and sensitive subject like animal neglect with a hopeful and triumphant message about acceptance and love is to leave the reader with a final impression of hope and love. 

4. Animal neglect takes place all across the globe. What are some ways we can bring about change in our local communities, and inspire others to do the same?

Children can (and SHOULD!) be encouraged to join with parents in safe volunteer activities for which the children have a keen interest.  Foster a rescued animal in your home and give some responsibilities for its care to the child. Rescues are always in desperate need of foster homes. Other opportunities include earmarking a couple of dollars a month for a rescue organization or donating items to an auction, or making a donation with a fundraiser the child dreams up. 

This topic is definitely something I could go on and on about. 

5. Can we expect anything else from W.B Murph and his human?

Absolutely! Murph is a passionate and prolific writer! We have 2 books almost ready to go to press and 4 more books in the process of being illustrated. These books will be part of the “Molly’s Miracle” series and will focus on other aspects of pet care such as remembering to tag and microchip, taking dogs to the “dog-tor”, and dealing with old age and death in dogs.

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